The Remarkable Benefits Of Faux Beams For Any Interior Project

4 Advantages Of Faux Beams For Any Home Room

Whether you’re building, remodeling, or upgrading your interior design, adding real wood beams is a beautiful way to add interest and special detail to an otherwise untouched area of your room. Arizona faux beams made from real wood can add rustic touches or a classic dimension to your living areas.

Vaulted ceilings in particular look fantastic when complimented with the charm of faux beams made from beautiful reclaimed wood. With so many finishes and wood grains to choose from, this might be the perfect final touch to your home décor. Check out some of these remarkable benefits of high quality faux beams for your interior design project!

Stunning Faux Beams In Arizona

Faux Beams Are Lightweight

Solid wood beams are a beautiful choice, but they are also extremely heavy, especially when your home needs a beam that is more than a few feet long. This means that special reinforcement may need to be added to your home when installing a wood beam that isn’t part of the home’s structure, increasing the expense of the project. The construction process will become much more invasive and complex as walls may need to be opened or even removed in order to accommodate the beam.

Faux beams from an Arizona wood beam designer are the perfect solution. Because they are uniquely crafted for your home with 1 inch thick pieces of interlocking reclaimed wood, they are much lighter than solid wood beam but still look exactly like the real thing. Their lighter weight means that the installation process will be significantly easier and less expensive.

Faux Beams Offer Additional Function

In many homes, solid wood beams provide one of two functions, support or decoration, and sometimes both. However, Arizona faux beams offer a third function: concealing wires, cables, and even pipes can be discretely run through the interior of the beam without the hassle of opening up a wall or ceiling.

Because the beams are hollow inside, they provide the perfect cover for wires or cables that would otherwise be installed behind drywall. Not only does this offer ease for your interior design, but it can also lower the cost of your build or remodel because existing walls won’t need to be changed. You can also use the beams to cover ceiling flaws, which is a common issue in older homes, without remaking the ceiling. The faux beams can be installed horizontally or vertically to suit your needs and décor tastes while offering functionality and decoration to your living space.

Faux Beams Yield a More Consistent Appearance

Wood is an attractive natural material and always has degrees of variation in size, color, grain, and overall appearance. While this character is what appeals to many homeowners, too much variation can become a problem structurally and also lead to an inconsistency in appearance.

When it comes to ceiling beams, it’s preferable to install beams that are about the same shape and size so that the room looks carefully planned and has a consistent appearance. If you opt for real wood beams, you’ll find that you’ll either need to pay more money to accomplish this goal or settle for an inconsistent appearance.

Arizona box beams provide the answer to this problem. Expert master carpenters match pieces of wood together so you get a consistent look that still offers the charm and beautiful appearance of solid wood. A variety of wood grains and styles are available so you can choose between a rustic appearance or a more classic, finished style. You’ll also have the option of stain colors ranging from neutral wood to espresso to white washed, making your home truly unique and representative of your personality.

Faux Beams Provide Environmental Benefits

Since faux beams made from real wood are custom built for your interior design project, there is significantly less waste. This means less wood is used in their construction but you still get the beauty and character that you want. Since faux beams are made with reclaimed wood that has already had a former life, there is no harvesting of new trees or wood being wasted in the manufacturing process. Reclaimed faux beams do not contain any plastic, so they do not give off VOCs the way vinyl beams do.

Work With a Top Rated Wood Beam Designer In Arizona

Faux beams made with real wood are sure to become a focal point and stunning accent wherever they are installed in your Arizona home. The master carpenters at Woodland Beam make the process easy and streamlined with their expert craftsmanship, outstanding customer service, and attention to detail. Contact us today discuss your project!

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