Box Beams

Decorative Box Beams for your Ceiling

Wood Box Beams Many homes can benefit from the beautiful and rustic look of box beams in a living room or common room. These features draw the eye to the ceiling and provide a warm and homey look to an otherwise drab ceiling. Exposed ceiling beams created by Woodland Custom Beams can be used to visually break up a large ceiling or draw the eye to a particular wall of interest. Installing beams in an existing room or adding them as a feature on a new home that is being built adds a touch of rustic charm to your home.

Wood beams come in many designs and styles. Many kinds of wood can be used including poplar, cedar and alder decorative beams. These woods can be stained to a desired tint to match any decor. Expert carpenters can create elaborate designs or simple lines to compliment any room or ceiling. Beams can be cut from cores or formed in the newer box beam design. Both styles are available in a cheaper stock form or as custom beams.

Box vs Core Cut

Cedar Box Beams Wood beams that are core cut from wood still contain moisture from when the tree was alive. Over time, these can warp. crack and twist and need replacing. Often only one piece of timber needs to be replaced, as the others may not have the same problems. Wood beams of this nature can be replaced with more modern box beams. Formed with 1″ stock and carefully constructed, custom decorative box  beams are indistinguishable from other custom beams but will never require repair.

These custom beams made in the box style can be matched to existing timber. Sometimes it is impossible to tell the original from the replacement wood. In addition they are more lightweight than solid wood, making it easier and cheaper to ship them across the country and install. The 1″ stock can be hewn to just about any pattern and can even be made to look like reclaimed wood. Installing ceiling beams can transform your family or living room from bland to beautiful. Create a piece of art on the largest canvas in your home!

Box beams are custom creations that are made from actual wood such as pine, alder, or cedar in 1″ stock. Because of how they are made, there is much less moisture involved, reducing the chance for future warping. Another advantage of custom made beams by Woodland Custom Beams is that they can be made to order in any size. Traditional, solid core beams are restricted by the size of the tree that is used for making them.

Whether it is a high, arching ceiling, or one that is completely level, box beams are especially attractive when making a dark contrast compared to the lighter paint of the ceiling. Custom Ceiling beams designed by Woodland Custom Beams can be found or added to any room in the house, making a complete transformation that creates a new atmosphere.

Box Beams are made of boards angled so they are fastened together in a hollow box beam configuration, using much less wood, making the beam affordable and simply to serve as a lightweight addition to the ceiling. The Box Beams used in the decor of a room can be made of oak, pine, cherry wood, mahogany or any type of wood available, made to order but of course they will be much easier to install and will not serve to support as a solid beam would but rather to add aesthetic beauty to the room as most varieties of Box Beams do.