Faux Beams

Our Faux Beams Are The Best Choice

Faux Wood BeamsFaux beams are the best option to add warmth and elegance to a room and, although many people would prefer wood beams they tend to come with problems that are not always worth the cost. In this regard, Faux beams are preferable not just because they are less expensive than comparable, conventional wood beams but also because they give the same dazzling look as the conventional wood beams as well as a myriad of other reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

Easy Remodeling and installation makes our decorative exposed ceiling beams a priority over the conventional wood beams. Faux beams can be added to existing homes, new construction or at any stage. They can be remodeled to any size (according to the specific requirements of the situation) which makes them a more convenient option. They are an inexpensive home improvement and save one from the cost of potential damages caused due to the twisting or cracking of wood. In addition, they are light weight but can hold fixtures easily. Faux beams are also a good idea to hide ugly yet necessary wiring or pipelines in the house.

Many homeowners are finding out how much better it is to trust professionally manufactured Faux beams to give their choice of flavor and decor in the home. From the look of the Tuscan Valley, the desert Southwest with Spanish Vegas hanging on the ceilings, the solution is obviously the use of a well-made Faux Beam for a torsion proof result in high vaulted ceilings that will warm those special family rooms, kitchens, recreation rooms and living rooms. The Custom Faux Beams solution by Woodland Beams makes use of woods of all types that are absolutely as beautiful and indistinguishable from a solid box beam or solid beam that are more prone to warping, twisting and failure. There are all types of wood styles to choose from in a faux wood beam, which will satisfy any new theme in ceiling remodeling and renovation plans for the home, be it the look of a Tudor, Gothic, Tuscan, Arizona, Spanish or Mexican home with tile or wood flooring as well underneath as those gorgeous tile roofed homes of Florida.

Faux BeamsFaux ceiling mantels by woodland beam are made up of real wood and are green approved. We are absolutely committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services in the industry, giving you your desired results within your budget and without the need for additional work or refinishing. We ship faux beams nationwide so we are always in your range and at your service. Call us any time (and from anywhere) and we will be happy to assist you.

Let Woodland change the way you look at beams, Beams LOOK the same the day they are installed until the day you leave your home! Made in the USA and shipped nationwide.