How To Add Style To Any Room Of Your House With Wooden Ceiling Beams

Recommendations To Incorporate a Rustic Feel To Your Home With Faux Beams

Exposed wooden beams are a timeless design feature that will enhance the style of almost any home. Because traditional beams are difficult to install, extremely heavy, and require extensive remodeling, the perfect solution for existing homes is Arizona faux beams made from real wood.

Faux beams add tremendous character, earthiness, warmth, and sophistication to any room without adding the intense weight and structural considerations that would be required with traditional wood beams. Take a look at these suggestions on how to add style to your home with wood ceiling beams!

Ceiling Beams in Arizona

Enhance The Height Of The Ceiling

Tall ceilings add elegance and make any room feel larger. Enhance the height of your ceilings and draw attention to the entire design of the room by installing wood beams, which create an impactful design. Adding wood beams to your ceiling increases the contrast of the room for a bold visual impact as your eye travel the length and breadth of the room.

Choose The Right Color Of Your Beams

Arizona box beams provide the perfect amount of warmth to your home along with a touch of color. Consider a darker ceiling paint that mirrors the color of your wood beams for intense depth. If you’d prefer a more rustic look, pair a light-toned or white ceiling paint with a rustic wood grain. Faux beams are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and wood grain options to match any room. When you experiment with different ceiling paints, you’ll find the color combinations are almost endless!

Pair Colors With Faux Beams

Add style to your room by pairing soft colors with rustic beams for a natural, earthy feel. You’ll love the feel of balance and peace that you can achieve with the straight lines of faux wood beams and muted hues! Even a very small room can benefit from faux wood beams. Try lighter colors on the walls and ceilings so that the beams complement the room.

Play Around With Spacing On Your Faux Beams

Once you’ve decided on paint colors for the walls and ceiling, and selected the grain and finish for your Arizona faux beams made from real wood, it’s time to work on spacing the beams. Spacing can add just as much style to a room as color and wood grain, so take time to consider carefully. Beams that are closely spaced, as little as 2-3 feet apart, will add a sense of coziness and warmth to the room, while beams that are spaced farther apart will make the ceiling feel taller, adding a sense of elegance to the room. There’s no right spacing for every room; the choice is up to you!

Use Beams To Move The Eye Around The Room

Arizona box beams cause the eye to move around the room, especially when the straight lines of the beams line up with door frames, bedframes, windows, and other clean lines in your home. Use box beams to create style by encouraging the eyes to follow the beams across the ceiling and down to the floor.

Enjoy A Rustic Or Getaway Vibe With Faux Beams

One of the most popular reasons for installing faux beams is for the rustic, vintage, and exotic look they add to almost any room. Reminisce about life in a traditional palace or fort when you install these beams in your home. Imagine feeling like you’re on vacation every time you come home!

Add Faux Beams To Your Bathroom

Although most people think about installing faux beams in their living space, dining room, or bedroom, a bathroom is a perfect room to enhance to create an eye-catching and relaxing environment. Ask your Arizona wood beam designer how to create a small niche in the ceiling for wood beams to add height and depth to your bathroom.

Consider A Grid Pattern For Your Faux Beams

Box beams don’t have to be installed parallel to each other; in many rooms, adding beams in both directions can add a beautifully complex and attractive style. Consider a grid pattern to take your box beams to the next level.

Coordinate The Beams With Other Wood Elements In The Room

Arizona faux beams made from real wood complement both elegant and minimal décor styles. Try coordinating your wood beam finish and color to match the wood columns, furniture, windows, and other wooden features in your room. A simple neutral floor and white walls can add an extremely attractive minimalist design to your home.

Break Up A Vaulted Ceiling With Faux Beams

Vaulted ceilings can add plenty of height and dimension to a home, but in some cases, they end up feeling cavernous. Break up a large vaulted ceiling with the warmth and depth of box beams. Utilize the same wooden accents with furniture, paneling, and other details to pull the whole room together.

Add Style To Your Home with Custom Designed Wooden Ceiling Beams

Whether you are looking for a sophisticated, minimalist, or cozy style in your home, wood ceiling beams custom designed by Woodland Beam are the perfect element you need for your décor! We work closely with you to capture your vision for your home and have plenty of wood grains, styles, and finishes to choose from for a truly unique design element that perfectly complements your home. Get in touch with us today to get started on your perfect faux beams!

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