Timber Trusses
Handmade From Quality Wood Box Beams

Timber Trusses can make a dramatic impact on spaces, really giving a refined look to any space in which they are placed. Available in any size, made from Cedar, Poplar & Alder. These trusses are shipped unfinished, and can be made to match any style decor or any existing wood style. Because our Timber Trusses are made from box beams, which are hollow beams, they weigh a fraction of a normal beams, and can be used in existing homes without fear of overloading the weight of the structure, or sagging walls and roof trusses.  

Decorative Ceiling Trusses Made From Box Beams

This really is an ideal way to make trusses. All the advantages of box beam transfer to whatever truss system they are used in. The decorative trusses are more resistant to twisting and cracking than trusses made from traditional solid core beams, and can be made any size, any style. Moreover, these trusses are able to be finished to match any existing wood, and are a great way to bring life into existing spaces, or engineer unique and gorgeous ceiling trusses in looks ranging from routed edges to reclaimed and hand hewn.