Box Beams
Handmade From Quality Woods

Our box beams are carefully crafted here in the USA, in our carpentry shop in Arizona. We have experimented with design and technique to create the ultimate faux beam, crafted from real wood and indistinguishable from the traditional beams.

In Luxe Magazine

Decorative Wood Beams can be one of the most attractive features in any home. Wood beams can be the showpiece which really makes a room special. Decorative wood beams are, however, not without their problems. Wood retains moisture from when it was alive. As the moisture leaves the wood over time, the wood warps, twisting and cracking. Even small amounts of twisting can be enough to ruin the finish on the beams in a house, and will require the beams to be completely redone. In many cases the twisting is so bad that the beams need be replaced after 5 or 6 years, which is a legacy no builder wants to leave.

Enter the Box Beam. Our&