Differences Between Structural & Decorative Wood Beams

Which Type Of Arizona Box Beam Is The Best Choice For Your Home

If you love the authentic, rustic, and natural look of wood beams, you’re not alone. Many homeowners find themselves deeply drawn to these rugged timbers as the perfect complement to their homes. It’s important to know that not all wood beams are created equally. There are different types of beams made with different materials, each offering its advantages and disadvantages.

Take a look at the differences between structural and decorative wood beams so you can decide which type of Arizona box beam is the best choice for your home.

Ceiling Beams in Arizona

Structural Wood Beams

One of the advantages of structural reclaimed wood beams is that they are made of solid wood that is of better quality than today’s new wood beams. Wood that was harvested several decades ago or longer is usually old-growth timber. In contrast, most wood that is harvested today is from younger trees. This means that the solid wood beams in old buildings have the strength and density to support the framework of modern construction projects even though they may be a century old.

If you want to use solid wood beams structurally in your construction project, you’ll need to have them professionally graded and checked to verify that they are free of checking, splitting, or warping that could reduce their strength to support your home.

Structural wood beams can be used in their original condition, but are often sawn and refinished into a smaller size that fits the needs of the new home.  Many homeowners choose to have these large beams surfaced with a wire brush to freshen up their appearance. They can also be painted or weathered to match your décor style.

Solid wood beams can be used to build beautiful posts, columns, fireplace mantels, or exposed ceiling trusses. However, they are extremely heavy, and your home will need to be carefully designed to safely integrate these large pieces of wood. It can be challenging for a builder to work with wood beams that are not completely square, or in otherwise rustic and imperfect condition. Structural wood beams are only suitable for new construction and cannot reasonably be installed in most existing homes.

Decorative Wood Beams

If you want to integrate Arizona box beams into an existing home or into a design that cannot manage the added weight of solid beams, decorative wood beams made with reclaimed wood are the perfect solution. Arizona faux beams made from real wood utilize the beautiful, hand-hewn lumber that is so appealing into lightweight beams that can be easily installed into almost any home.

Decorative wood beams add unique character to your home with a rustic, classic, or elegant appeal, depending on which type of design and finish you choose. Many homeowners choose to install them as ceiling beams, but they can also be used to create a showpiece mantel over a fireplace or as an impressive column in your home.

Because Arizona faux beams are lightweight, they can be installed directly into most ceilings without remodeling or structural changes. This means that unlike the incredible weight of solid wood structural beams, decorative beams won’t compromise the structure of your home or roof. Instead, you’ll have stunning décor that is fast and easy to install and looks completely natural.

Like solid wood beams, Arizona faux beams made from real wood are made from very old pieces of wood that are usually old-growth timber, making them extremely strong and durable. They maintain their character from years of exposure and were typically crafted with hand tools, making each piece unique with years of history. Box beams can be kept in their weathered condition or freshened up and refinished to match other wood in your home.

While solid wood beams can be difficult to fit into a home’s design, decorative wood beams are carefully crafted to be square and lightweight while retaining all of the beauty from their age. Decorative beams are custom-made to fit your home perfectly. This makes decorative wood beams the ideal choice for almost every home as they integrate natural and one-of-a-kind aesthetics into your home.

Add Rustic Appeal To Your Home With Custom Decorative Wood Beams

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