What Is The Difference Between New & Reclaimed Wood Beams?

Differences You Need To Know About New & Reclaimed Wood Beams

Wood beams can elevate the interior of your home. You can use them to create unique accents for your ceiling, to create dividing lines along your walls, or even to create a unique mantle for your fireplace. You have great flexibility in selecting the look of your beams, with different finishes, colors, wood types, and more.

Choosing between reclaimed wood and new wood can also make a difference to the outcome for your wood beams. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between new and reclaimed wood beams:

Know The Differences Between New & Reclaimed Wood Beams In Phoenix, AZ.

What is Reclaimed & New Wood?

Reclaimed wood is any wood that is taken from another source. For example, it can be taken from an old barn, flooring from a remodel, or even posts from old furniture. The wood is simply reused after old buildings are demolished or remodeled, or old furniture is trashed.

New wood is virgin wood that is taken from trees. It has been milled and sold directly. It has not been used in any other projects previously.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Reclaimed Wood

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to choose reclaimed wood for your wood beams or other construction or remodeling projects.

  • It’s more eco-friendly. Since you are reusing wood, you are not contributing to the use of natural resources. You are buying what has already been created rather than creating more demand for new wood.
  • It preserves history. There’s something special about saying you have a beam that was once used in a 100-year-old church or the first fire station in your town. Reclaimed wood comes with interesting history!
  • It offers a beautiful, rustic appearance. Reclaimed wood has a distressed appearance and rich tones that create a rustic look that many love.
  • It’s strong and durable. Reclaimed wood can be decades old – sometimes even more than a century old. This is strong wood that has stood the test of time. You can trust that it will keep performing for you.

Cast your net wide to find reclaimed wood, and you can find some unique options for your wood beams. Your wood beam designer can also work with you to realize the full potential of the reclaimed wood, including the different styles to which it lends itself.

Whether It’s Reclaimed Or New Wood It Can Be Installed Safely

Wood beams can be installed safely, whether they are made of reclaimed wood or new wood. The installer will take into consideration the materials used, the supports present, and the location.

Safety issues that you do need to take into consideration with reclaimed wood involve the chemicals used to treat or stain the wood. Older wood may have chemicals in it that are now known to be harmful to health. If the wood was painted, the paint may contain lead. There’s also a risk that the wood could have pests inside.

Cost Of Reclaimed & New Wood: Depends On The Type Of Wood & Source

The cost of either reclaimed wood or new wood can vary widely, depending on the type of wood and the source. Some reclaimed wood can be quite costly. The older the wood is, the more expensive it will be. The more desirable the source – such as a historic building – the more expensive the wood will be. And, just like with new wood, the higher quality the wood, the more expensive it will be.

Your Charleston wood beam designer can counsel you on how your wood selections will influence the overall cost of your project. Your designer can help you explore options for keeping down the costs while still getting the look you want.

Contact a Professional Wood Beam Supplier Company That Can Build Your Beautiful Wood Beams

The designers at the Woodland Custom Beam Company are ready to create beautiful beams to create a unique and interesting design for your home. We handcraft our beams from new wood or reclaimed wood. When using new wood, we can also create the look of reclaimed wood through a variety of finishing techniques. We’ll work closely with you to determine the perfect wood type, stain, color, finishing techniques, and accessories to create a beam that will perfectly enhance your decor. You can browse our current styles and look at samples, or we can work on a custom design. Contact us today to request a quote or to talk with a wood beam designer.

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