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One of the best ways to add impact and appeal to a room is right above your head. Ceilings sometimes represent a missed opportunity when it comes to decor or enhancement. The addition of custom ceiling beams from Woodland Beam Company can turn a drab interior into an elegant area. Their appearance suggests a variety of influences, from rustic southwestern and Tudor to Tuscan. Box beams perform valuable visual effects, creating the illusion of a lowered ceiling to make a room more intimate, or filling than  the cold voids of a vaulted ceiling with contrast and eye-catching structure. The natural grains brought out in beautifully stained or finished wood provides aesthetic texture while rough hand-hewn timber adds character.

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Easy To Install Barn Wood Beams And Mantles

Stunning Barn Wood Beams & Mantles That Are Easy To Install

For people who want a rustic look on their mantel, barn wood beams are a go-to. At Woodland Beam, we have beautiful options to choose from that are lighter weight than traditional beams and easy to install!

Custom-Made Alder Wood Ceiling Beams Perfect For Your Home In Arizona

Custom-Made Alder Wood Ceiling Beams That Will Fit Your Space Perfectly

Experience beautiful wood beams that are custom-made for your space! We will work with you to match the size and look that you want for your Alder wood ceiling beams to ensure a perfect fit!

Durable And Long-Lasting Quality Alder Faux Ceiling Beams

High-Quality Alder Faux Ceiling Beams That Are Durable & Long-Lasting

Our expert carpenters smoothly seam together high-quality Alder boards to create beautiful ceiling beams! With the beam’s lighter nature and lack of dense wood, you can expect a durable and long life!

Durable And Lightweight Alder Beams For Home Renovations In Arizona

Durable & Lightweight Alder Beams For Home Renovations

When you are ready to renovate your home, be sure to check out Woodland Beam’s selection of Alder Beams! You will find they are durable and more lightweight than a traditional beam without sacrificing the aesthetics!

Reclaimed Style Alder Beams That Are Easy To Install And Maintain

Reclaimed Style Alder Beams That Are Easy To Install & Maintain

We provide many beam options to choose from including the popular reclaimed style! When you’re ready for our easy to install and maintain beams, browse through our reclaimed style options made from real Cedar!

Find Professional Cedar Box Beam Dealers In Arizona

Find Professional Cedar Box Beam Dealers Near You

Box beams are a great option when you don’t want to purchase a dense, heavy beam. With great customer service, quality products and craftsmanship, we want to be your professional cedar box beam dealer.

Crack-Resistant Cedar Box Beams With Reclaimed Style

Crack-Resistant Cedar Box Beams With Reclaimed Style

Discover crack-resistant cedar beams. Enjoy the beauty of a traditional beam without the weight and the fear of cracking overtime! Not only will your box beam be crack-resistant, it also comes in reclaimed styles!

Long-Lasting And Moisture-Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

Long-Lasting & Moisture-Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

You will find that our box beams made from real cedar are long-lasting and moisture resistant! Solid beams tend to hold a lot of moisture that leaks out over time, but with our box beams made of seamed together boards, there’s less wood to hold moisture.

 Experience The Authenticity Of Our Wood Beams’ Appearance In Arizona

Experience The Authenticity Of Our Wood Beams’ Appearance & Function

Despite the ceiling beam’s significant contribution to the interior ambiance, the structure of many homes cannot support the addition of a solid wood beam due to its weight. Box beams however are hollow. Exposed ceiling beams constructed and custom-built by Woodland Custom Beams — are an aesthetic alternative at a fraction of the cost. Modern construction techniques can produce these units with virtually invisible seams and without the metal brackets and straps used in the past. After installation, they are indistinguishable from a solid beam. Arizona wood beams can be fabricated from almost any type of wood in any size and length. Even wood species that are difficult to find in lengths and thicknesses suitable for ceiling structural use, such as cedar, can be used to produce hollow beams. In addition, unlike solid timber, which may contain variations of quality in a single length, timber utilized for hollow wood beams can be hand-selected from the finest grades to insure uniform structural integrity and visual appeal.

Hollow beams also perform double duty as channels to conceal wires, cords, and even heating and air conditioning ducts. If your home is already fitted with unattractive, glue-laminated engineered beams, installation of a hand-hewn beam wrap around the existing beam is a quick, painless way to enhance the overall appeal of a room. The hollow addition also adds to the structural strength of the existing solid unit.
There is nothing more earthy and desert-like in attractive quality as the look of the mix of the Southwestern hacienda vega and Spanish influence in Arizona beams for ceilings to bring the beauty and atmosphere of the desert Southwest to a home. Arizona beams can be great for homes that have already been designed in stucco as well as with Spanish tile roofs as are those in Florida. To avoid poor choices and failures of solid Arizona beams, give our experts a call.

Some of our customers highly recommend exposed alder beams designed by Woodland Custom Beams are in style and a better choice. The solid nature of the Arizona box beam can end up twisted and warped if careful choices are not made.

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Our Arizona Box Beams Are Green From The Start

Another consideration when evaluating ceiling wood is the environmental impact. To produce solid spans in the length and thickness required for a ceiling, older growth timber must be harvested after it matures. Our trusses utilize thinner wood in shorter lengths and may thus be harvested from younger trees which are quickly renewable and planted specifically for wood production. This allows more of the larger, established trees in existing groves to remain uncut, preserving wildlife habitats and protecting the forest environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Box Wood Beams

We use only real wood to craft our beautiful decorative beams. Instead of harvesting mature trees to create large, solid wood beams, we use younger trees that have been specifically planted for harvesting and are therefore a quickly renewable resource. The process of creating a hollow beam from real wood means we can make better use of some tree species, such as cedar, which are difficult to grow to acceptable sizes for solid beams. Our master carpenters utilize hand-selected beams of the finest quality and a variety of modern carpentry techniques to produce hollow beams with virtually invisible seams. Once installed, our Texas box beams are indistinguishable from a solid wood beam.
Our Texas ceiling beams are available in a wide range of pricing that will depend on the overall length, size, and width of the beams you desire for your home, along with the finish and other details that you choose. Each beam that our master carpenters create has been thoughtfully crafted with the highest attention to detail, integrity, and strength. Our real wood beams are the perfect alternative to solid wood beams because they require no additional structural considerations, are lightweight, easy to install, and extremely durable. We are confident you’ll be more than satisfied with any of the beams that you purchase from Woodland Beam Company. For more information on pricing, view our pricing calculator or contact our team!
The options for installation are almost endless, limited only by your imagination! Because our Texas ceiling beams are designed to be hollow, they do not require the structural considerations that solid wood beams do, and can be installed virtually anywhere in your home. Our customers have used our Texas faux beams for various ceiling configurations, mantels, vertical support posts, and more. Browse our website for inspiration or get in touch with our design team for ideas on how to incorporate our beautiful Texas wood beams into any room of your home.
Solid wood beams are incredibly expensive and can be impossible to install in some existing homes because they require structural considerations to support their massive weight. Genuine or solid wood beams will eventually begin to crack and deteriorate with time and humidity changes, weakening their structure and changing their appearance in your home.
Faux ceiling beams are made with individual pieces of real wood that are carefully crafted together with almost invisible seams. Once installed, they look just like solid wood beams. Many homeowners choose to hide cables, wiring, or ducts inside their Texas faux ceiling beams. Because they are lightweight, faux ceiling beams can be installed anywhere without structural changes to the home; their unique construction means they are extremely durable and resistant to moisture, cracking, and other changes over time.
One of the best features of Texas box beams is that they are extremely easy for almost any homeowner to install. Because they are hollow inside, their lighter weight makes them much easier to lift and secure in place without any structural changes needed to support their weight. Our Texas faux ceiling beams are extremely popular with DIYers who want to improve the appearance of their home without the challenges of solid wood beams.
The unique construction methods of box beams and our high quality finish techniques make our beams extremely resistant to moisture, cracking, and other damage that solid beams are prone to experiencing. Your beams from Woodland Beam Company will continue to look amazing for many years to come with minimal maintenance.

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