Arizona Beams

Decorative Wood Beams One of the best ways to add impact and appeal to a room is right above your head. Ceilings sometimes represent a missed opportunity when it comes to decor or enhancement. The addition of custom ceiling beams from Woodland Beam Company can turn a drab interior into an elegant area. Their appearance suggests a variety of influences, from rustic southwestern and Tudor to Tuscan. Box beams perform valuable visual effects, creating the illusion of a lowered ceiling to make a room more intimate, or filling than  the cold voids of a vaulted ceiling with contrast and eye-catching structure. The natural grains brought out in beautifully stained or finished wood provides aesthetic texture while rough hand-hewn timber adds character.

Authentic In Appearance And Function

Despite ceiling beam’s significant contribution to interior ambience, the structure of many homes cannot support the addition of a solid wood beam due to its weight. Box beams however are hollow.  Exposed ceiling beams constructed and custom-built by Woodland Custom Beams — are an aesthetic alternative at a fraction of the cost. Modern construction techniques can produce these units with virtually invisible seams and without the metal brackets and straps used in the past. After installation, they are indistinguishable from a solid beam. Arizona wood beams can be fabricated out of almost any type of wood in almost any size and length. Even wood species which are difficult to find in lengths and thicknesses suitable for ceiling structural use, such as cedar, can be used to produce hollow beams. In addition, unlike solid timber, which may contain variations of quality in a single length, timber utilized for hollow wood beams can be hand-selected from the finest grades to insure uniform structural integrity and visual appeal.

Hollow beams also perform double duty as channels to conceal wires, cords, even heating and air conditioning ducts. If your home is already fitted with unattractive, glue-laminated engineered beams, installation of a hand-hewn beam wrap around the existing beam is a quick, painless way to enhance the overall appeal of a room. The hollow addition also adds to the structural strength of the existing solid unit.

There is nothing more earthy and desert like in attractive quality as the look of the mix of the Southwestern hacienda vega and Spanish influence in Arizona beams for ceilings to bring the beauty and atmosphere of the desert Southwest to a home. Arizona beams can be great for homes that have already been designed in stucco as well as with Spanish tile roofs as are those in Florida. To avoid poor choices and failures of  solid  Arizona beams, give our experts a call.

Some of our customers highly recommend exposed alder beams designed by Woodland Custom Beams are in style and a better choice. The solid nature of the Arizona box beam can end up twisted and warped if careful choices are not made.

Green From The Start

Arizona Decorative Wood Beams Another consideration when evaluating ceiling wood is the environmental impact. To produce solid spans in the length and thickness required for a ceiling, older growth timber must be harvested after it matures. Our trusses utilize thinner wood in shorter lengths and may thus be harvested from younger trees which are quickly renewable and planted specifically for wood production. This allows more of the larger, established trees in existing groves to remain uncut, preserving wildlife habitats and protecting the forest environment.