Add a Rustic Feel To Your Arizona Home With Exposed Ceiling Beams

8 Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood Beams In Your Arizona Home

You can give your house a rustic vibe with many elements, but one that stands out a lot is exposed ceiling beams. Exposed wood always makes your home feel cozier, although it is not easy to carry and work with reclaimed wood. Luckily, there’s a way to simplify this.

Faux beams made from real wood in Arizona have become the best solution. Faux beams are made from high-density polyurethane to customize your room or space with less effort. 

To help you find the best rustic vibe, we’ve gathered eight ways to use faux beams in your Arizona home.

8 Ways To Use Reclaimed Wood Beams In Your Arizona Home

1. Use Open Floor Plans & Define Your Rooms

It may be difficult to feel like your space has defined rooms if you only take advantage of open floor plans. By using faux ceiling beams, your space will change from a confusing area to a defined and separated space.

It is hard to create different designs in the house if the rooms are not defined, so make sure to use faux exposed beams to define them in the easiest way possible. Plus, you won’t have to compromise on the flow of the rest of your house! 

2. Use Faux High Beams To Open The Space

You can add thin faux exposed wood beams to the top of high ceilings to draw the eye upwards and make the area feel larger. It works as an accent decor for the house while opening up the whole space to make it more rustic.

You can ask an Arizona wood beam designer to help you with this idea if you think it is too complicated. 

Keep in mind that the high contrast between dark beams and light ceilings can maximize the emphasis on the high ceilings. 

3. Take Advantage Of Lighting Fixtures

Feel free to integrate lighting into a ceiling beam to make the design look smooth and harmonious. This idea is helpful if you want to add lighting into a corner at the top of the ceiling. If that’s your case, use the faux beam to hide the cables. 

4. Add Exposed Trusses To Your Environment

You decide how rustic and cozy you want your house. While it’s true that exposed ceiling beams help give a rustic feel, in some cases it lessens the cozy vibe. To increase the coziness in your house, you can create trusses with faux beams. 

Exposed trusses warm up any room without risking the openness of high ceilings. Just ensure to find beautifully-made trusses to integrate them into the house easily.

You can play with the designs too! For example, choose dark wood trusses to contrast light ceilings, and keep them close to cobblestone walls. This will enhance the warmth of the environment to the fullest.

5. Use Arizona Faux Beam To Create Fireplace Mantels

Reclaimed wood is often used for fireplace mantels, and luckily for you, reclaimed wood can be used for the same. If you use reclaimed wood along with a stone panel, you will have a beautifully organic look. 

The fireplace is the main protagonist of cozy days. It is also a place for family and friends to gather, so make sure to use reclaimed wood beams to create a rustic look and change the feel of the area.

6. Create Contrasts

Combine dark beams with light ceilings to create a beautiful contrast in the room. We already mentioned this idea, but it surely works with almost any area. 

The contrast makes the space look expensive and elegant at the same time. You can also use the ceiling structure as a starting place for your faux beam configurations. 

7. Combine Stone Columns With Faux Exposed Wood Beams

Faux beams make design projects more simple, and when you combine them with faux stone or brick paneling, the design possibilities become endless. You can use this combination to enhance your environment and take the rustic vibe to the next level!  

8. Contact An Arizona Wood Beam Designer

Are you looking for more ideas? Feel free to check out Woodland Beam, a unique custom beam company that offers you real wood beams to your environment. We build box beams that are a lot lighter than normal beams, so you can use them in virtually any space.

You can check our website to see our price calculator and chart or contact us to request a quote. Be sure that we will offer you only top-quality beams for your projects! 


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