How To Choose The Right Faux Beams For Your Ceiling

4 Factors To Consider For Choosing The Best Faux Ceiling Beams In Arizona

Wood beams can add style and elegance to your home. They create a unique look that will instantly elevate the profile of your home, which will make a greater impression on guests and will even raise the value of your home. Plus, wood beams give you the opportunity to express your unique style and make your home a better reflection of who you are.

Faux beams offer many benefits over traditional, solid beams, including being easier to install and providing a greater variety of styles. Here are a few things you’ll need to consider for choosing the right faux beams for your ceiling:

Sophisticated Faux Ceiling Beam Made In Cave Creek, AZ

Types Of Beams

There are a few types of faux beams you can choose from for your home. Typically, when people refer to faux wood beams, they are referring to lightweight polyurethane beams. These beams are made of faux wood – a polyurethane material designed to look like wood. These beams are designed to look just like wood, but they have a fraction of the weight and can be installed in more places.

The other option for faux beams is box beams. These get their name from their construction. Three pieces of wood are used to construct a box that looks like a solid beam. Box beams can also be created in a variety of styles and looks, depending on the wood, dimensions, and cuts used. Both box beams and faux beams can also be used to hide elements, like wiring, small duct work, or pipes.

The Beam’s Texture: Choosing Between a Rustic & a Sophisticated Design

Would you prefer a rustic, natural look for your beams, or would you like something more polished and sophisticated? The texture you choose for your faux beams will have a big influence on the overall look and feel of the beams.

If you choose a texture, you can also choose a look that is either lightly or heavily distressed. You may want just a bit of character for the wood, or you may want something that looks salvaged and natural. All the choices you make will have an impact on the final look.

Color Options For Your Ceiling Beams

You have many color options for your wood beams. If you want a natural look, there are many shades and stains you can choose from, ranging from lighter woods to darker ones. You can also choose from other tones of stain, such as greys or even oranges and reds.

You can also choose to have your beams painted. White beams can create a luxury look. Or you can choose from unusual colors like blue or green to create a unique look.

Accessories You Can Add To Your Wood Beams To Enhance Their Style

Installing wood beams on your ceiling can make a significant impact all on their own. However, there are accessories you can add to the wood beams if you want to further enhance the style. Decorative brackets are available in a wide variety of colors, materials, and finishes, and they can be added inside the beams or at the bottoms. Beam plates and straps can be added to the beams to give them a rustic or industrial vibe. They are an especially good choice for faux beams, as they give them a more authentic look. You can also add end caps to the beams.

When you work with your Arizona beam designer, talk about these and other options for your beams and how they will enhance the look of your space. You have multiple choices to make in the creation of your beams, and all of those variables can come together in unique combinations. Your faux beam designer will help you visualize the options and how they can come together in your home to get the look and feel that you want.

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