How To Enjoy The Farmhouse Décor Style With Wood Faux Beams

Create a Beautiful Rustic Style In Your Home With Wood Faux Beams

Farmhouse style has been growing in popularity over the last several years. People love the rustic charm of this style, which is reminiscent of traditional farmhouses of the 19th and 20th centuries. While not everyone actually wants to live in a country farmhouse, many people do want to bring in some of the décor elements of these homes to their own spaces.

Wood faux beams can help you create some of this style in your home. You can add the beams to provide just a touch of this style, or you can include the beams as part of a number of style changes to create an overall new look.

How To Enjoy The Farmhouse Décor Style With Wood Faux Beams In Cave Creek, AZ.

What Is Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse style can be something different for every person, but there are a few elements that are universal. Farmhouse style tends to have a lot of white tones, as well as a lot of wood features. Think of white, shiplap walls and natural wood floors. Think of white kitchen cabinets with natural wood ceiling beams.

While you can certainly choose other colors besides white, farmhouse style tends to embrace neutral colors. You aren’t likely to see bright colors and wild patterns in farmhouse style. However, you can find a selection of varying patterns and items. For example, the chairs around the dining room table don’t all have to match but can be in a general style group. You can include a variety of knick knacks or fabric pieces like cushions or curtains.

You can mix farmhouse décor with some modern elements, such as door hardware and faucets. The overall feeling in the room would be welcoming and comfortable, rather than overly planned and ordered.

Updating Your Farmhouse Kitchen

Adding wooden elements to your kitchen is a great way to bring a farmhouse vibe to it. You can put in natural wood shelves or even an entire wood wall. Wood faux beams are an easy way to add farmhouse style to your kitchen, and they can create a stunning look.

You can choose from a variety of wood beams. Rustic beams that have natural imperfections and textures to them can have a warmer and more charming look. You can choose faux beams that have a rough-hewn look or a sandblasted texture, or you can invest in reclaimed beams (though they will be heavier and have more installation requirements).

Complementing The Ceiling With Other Wood Elements

You can use wood faux beams and other wooden elements to complement the ceiling to enhance your new farmhouse décor. Wood faux beams can be accented with arches and trusses for a more interesting look.

You can also look to the walls for opportunities. Wood faux beams can be hung as mantels or headers. You can also add wood planks to the walls to create a unique accent wall. The planks are similar to the wood faux beams, but with different dimensions.

Work with your wood beam creator to explore the options for your space. The wood beam supplier can let you look at samples of the different wood types and finishes so you can get a sense of what the finished beams would look like. You can use those samples in your own kitchen to see what they will look like in the actual space. Your Santa Maria supplier may also be able to use sketches or 3D modeling software to help you visualize the finished space. Then you play around with other options to enhance the space, such as different lighting fixtures, shelves, mantles, and more.

Get High-Quality Box Beams For Your House In Cave Creek

The Woodland Custom Beam Company offers high-quality, hand-crafted box beams for any room in your home. We create beautiful faux beams from real wood, and these are indistinguishable from solid wood beams. We can create any style of beam, from rustic, rough-hewn beams that would be perfect for farmhouse décor to smoother, more streamlined designs that would be more suitable for contemporary aesthetics. We also create custom mantles and custom timber trusses. Browse our online catalog or contact us to create a custom project for you. You can order samples to look at the beams in your space and to get a feel for their quality. Then you can order your beams and have them professionally designed and installed to your specifications. Contact us today.


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