How To Integrate Box Beams Into Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Expert Home Remodeling Contractors Share Box Beam Integration Ideas For Your Kitchen Renovation 

A kitchen remodel is at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists, primarily because kitchens can take a beating and become dated very quickly. Yet we spend so much time in them that we want them to look nice. If you are thinking of a kitchen remodel this year, you might have your mind on things like new cabinets or a tile backsplash. However, you should think about another component that can have a major impact on the look of your new kitchen: Box beams.

Wooden box beams can make your kitchen look more luxurious and sophisticated. Depending on the design, box beams can also improve your kitchen’s functionality, giving you places to hang plants, cookware, and more. With all the styles and options available for box beams, you can really create a unique look for your kitchen while also showing off your personal style.

Consider these ideas for integrating box beams into your kitchen remodeling project:

Beautiful Remodeled Kitchen With Ceiling Box Beams In Cave Creek, AZ

Create Grids For Your Kitchen Design

A classic design for box beams is to run them parallel across a room. But that is not the only option! One interesting pattern you might try is the grid. Run box beams parallel and perpendicular, creating a grid of your ceiling. You can even access the grid with molding around the edges.
Experiment with different sizes and styles to find a look you love. Your kitchen remodeling contractor can sketch out the design or show you what it looks like in 3D modeling software.

Contrast With Shiplap Or Beadboard

You can put your box beams on your plain ceiling, but if you want to create a really interesting look, you can install shiplap or beadboard on the ceiling first. Then install the box beams on top of the boards. It will create a grooved ceiling that contrasts with the smooth beams.

This combination is especially good for creating a rustic look for your kitchen. However, you can also use it for a modern farmhouse vibe.

Make The Beams And Kitchen Ceiling The Same Color

You may wish you had a bigger kitchen, but it may not be possible to add actual square foot with your kitchen remodel. What you can do is create the appearance of a bigger kitchen with your design choices. One way you can do this with box beams is to paint the beams and your ceiling the same color – preferably something light to get the maximum affect of a larger space. The beams add depth and contrast, and with the matching color, it makes the space look larger.

Incorporate Curved Box Beams To Enhance Your Kitchen’s Aesthetics

Many people think of box beams as long, straight beams. However, they can also be curved. If you have high, arched ceilings, you can install curved box beams to create a striking design. Interior details can be added connecting the arched beams, creating an almost cathedral-like look. You’ll have a kitchen unlike any other you’ll see.

Lower The Box Beams

You don’t have to install your box beams directly on the ceiling. You can actually lower them to hang below the ceiling. Then you can use them to hang pots and pans or other kitchen implements that you can reach easily. You can also hang plants or other decorative items.

Color Your Wooden Box Beams To Complement Your Kitchen Remodel

There’s no law that says that your box beams have to be either wood-stained or white. You can paint them any color – purple, pink, blue, orange, green, you name it. The more unusual the color, the bigger the statement you will make. You can color your beams anything you like to complement your kitchen remodel and to show off your personality.

You have many options for installing box beams into your kitchen redesign. Talk to your kitchen remodeling contractor about how best to use them to achieve the look you want in the space you have. And don’t be afraid to get creative! It’s your space – make it your own.

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