Types of Wood Beams

The many types of wooden beams - by Woodland Custom Beam Company
In earlier days the wood beams were counted as the most significant structural members, commonly used to carry loads of roofs or additional floors, but the after market decorative wood beams these days do not help in building a strong structure but it is an important factor for beautifying the house. It gives a whole new outlook to the interior of the room, giving it a modern yet rustic appearance. However, there is a tough choice to be made for which wood beam to go with when there are so many different types available these days:

Conventional wood beams are extremely heavy, and are therefore difficult to work with. It requires several people to hold a beam in place at either end, while a third person does the installation. Some beams are heavy enough to require lifting equipment. Due to the extreme weight, conventional beams may cause structural problems with the roof and ceiling. This often prohibits using conventional wood beams on existing homes without hiring a structural engineer to reinforce the roof.

Conventional wood beams are also prone to numerous problems, such as cracking, splitting, and twisting as the wood continues to dry out. This can result in ceiling and drywall damage. With this type of wood beams you may also have to deal with rotting, or woodworms.

Custom Wood Beams are made by hand from 1 inch stock, which means there is far less moisture to create less twisting as it dries. Furthermore, we are able to make our Custom Wood Beams any size we choose whereas solid core beams are limited by the size of the tree from which they are cut. In addition, we have a unique jointing process that has been perfected by our master carpenters. We can match the hewn and grain of existing beams perfectly, making our Custom Wood Beams indistinguishable from conventional wood beams.

Hand Hewn Wood Beams are very rustic, with visible patterns of axe marks. A broad axe is frequently used on hand hewn beams, as it has a blade that’s angled on one side and straight on the other, like a chisel. These beams are often part of the charm of an older home, barn, or outdoor structure. Today they are mostly used for nonstructural, decorative purposes. At Woodland Beam our expert carpenters can replicate any look.

Sawn wood beams are another type of beam that takes its name from the method by which it was cut. Sawn wood beams possess a more refined rustic appeal as they show teeth marks from the saw blade used on them. They may be rough sawn or smooth, but as they age these beams develop a beautiful patina. Sawn wood beams give a historic look, often seen in homes dating from the Civil War through World War I.

An unattractive wood beam can be wrapped inside a box beam to give an entirely new look. In the same way a Beam Wrap can be used to beautify an ugly laminate or steel beam. Beam Wraps are useful to hide almost anything, such as wiring, plumbing pipes (read more on Whitton Plumbing), and duct work. Since Wood Beam Wraps are indistinguishable from conventional wood beams, they are basically an attractive way to hide many unattractive structural components.

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