What Are The Pros & Cons Of Installing Faux Beams?

Cave Creek’s Experienced Carpenters Go In Detail On Faux Beam Installations

Wood beams create a beautiful and sophisticated look for your home. They can add unique charm to what would otherwise be a boring, white ceiling, and they can improve the profile of the whole room. You can enhance your home’s beauty and increase its value just by installing wood beams.

Faux beams have the same look as wood beams, and they offer many more benefits. Here are some pros and cons of installing faux beams to consider if you are thinking of ways to update your home:

Beautiful living room with faux beam installed by Woodland Custom Beam Company

Pros Of Installing Faux Beams

They’re Affordable

Wood beams can be quite expensive. Times the cost by the multiple beams that you will need to finish a large room, and you could be looking at a pretty high bill for the renovation. Faux beams, or box beams, are much more affordable while also offering the same look. No one who visits your home will be able to tell they aren’t solid wood beams, but you’ll see a big difference in your budget.

They’re Easy To Install

Box beams get their name from their construction. They are beams created from four sides put together, like a box. When you look at them from below, they look like solid beams of wood, but they are hollow on the inside. Because of that, they are much lighter weight than traditional wood beams, and they are easier to install. The easier installation further brings down the cost.

They’re Lighter

Not only does the lighter weight of faux beams make them easier to install, but it also means that they don’t require as much structural support. You can easily lift them on your own if you are installing them yourself. You also won’t need to add beams or other supports above your ceiling to anchor the beams.

They’re Practical

That hollow center doesn’t just make box beams easier to install, it also gives them practical functionality. For example, if you want to run track lighting or other light fixtures through your room, you can easily run the wires through the center of the beam, rather than running it above your ceiling and having to manage the insulation and other materials. You can install the fixtures more easily, and you can hide the wiring for aesthetic appeal.

They’re Easily Customizable

You can get box beams in a wide variety of styles to suit the look of your home. They can be made of different woods, be stained or painted in different colors, and be given a wide variety of embellishments and accents. You can get just the look you want.

Cons Of Installing Faux Beams

There aren’t many disadvantages to faux beams, but here are a couple:

They Do Not Offer Structural Support

Some people use wood beams to support elements of their home, such as the ceiling, large light fixtures, or even portions of the roof. However, box beams cannot be used to provide such structural support since they are light and hollow. They serve an aesthetic purpose, not a structural one.

They’re Not Suited To Historic Homes

Historic homes must be preserved and maintained using the materials and techniques reflective of the time in which the home was built. Box beams are a modern trend, so they would not be suitable for historic homes, which would require solid wood beams.
As you can see, there are many more advantages to faux beams than there are disadvantages. They are easy to install, affordable, and practical, while still offering you a beautiful look for your home. You also have greater flexibility in designing the beams to match the style of your home or to create a new look in the style you would like. Work with your Arizona box beam supplier to select the details to create the perfect design for your beams.

Woodland Custom Beam Company creates beautiful, handmade box beams in the Phoenix Valley Area. Our experienced carpenters have experimented extensively with materials and design to create the perfect box beam. Our beams are crafted from wood, and they are virtually indistinguishable from solid wood beams. Contact Woodland Custom Beam Company today to talk about what you want in a box beam and to create your perfect design. We also have readily made box beams available in our extensive product gallery.

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