How To Add Warmth To Your Property With Outdoor Faux Beams

Outdoor Faux Beams Will Transform The Look Of Your Arizona Home

Wooden beams are classic additions to any home. You can use them to create unique focal points that add beauty and interest to your property. And with the advent of the faux beam in Arizona, it’s never been easier to get the look you want for less.

They are simple to install and relatively inexpensive compared with other decorative building products. Moreover, you can place them in several different locations throughout your property. 

We will give you some ideas to add warmth to your property with outdoor faux beams in the lines below. 

Outdoow Faux Beams Adds Warmth To Your AZ Home

Perfect And Durable Accents With Window Headers

Add a farmhouse-like vibe with outdoor window headers if your windows look boring. Smaller pieces of faux wood can recreate the window headers, and they can sit directly above your windows. 

Window headers made with faux beams give a natural charm to your hours without looking too extravagant. 

You’re free to frame the entire window, but that’s not necessary because a simple header can be enough to create dimension and draw attention to the window. 

For a cohesive effect, select deeper wood tones, like mahogany. These tones create a nice contrast against the color of your house.

The Best Addition For Your Front Porch’s Ceiling

Do you want a cozy effect on your front porch’s ceiling? Custom beams will surely help. Feel free to use a faux beam made from real wood in Arizona if you like to!

If you already have beams in your house’s main indoor living space, it won’t be weird to continue them outside. This way, you will keep your home connected to its surroundings naturally.

Enhance the warm feeling of your front porch with a swing and some greenery. You can also frame the front door in wood as well. 

You are free to customize the beams with a particular style and stain to create a refined environment! In the end, you decide which decor works better in your home. 

Lining Your Front Porch With Rustic Faux Wood 

Columns lining a front porch look amazing in any house. With faux wood posts, you can make your home more rustic, but at the same time modern. You’ll create an environment that seems like a vacation cabin, but with a long-lasting effect.

You can change traditional colors for richer tones like cypress or walnut. If you prefer a more eclectic vibe, choose angular shapes. Faux wood posts are the perfect accent to offer a natural transition to plantings, so do not overlook them when planning your outdoor decor.

Improve Your Home’s Facade

If your home’s facade looks flat, add a few faux wood features. Arizona faux beam is excellent to enhance your home’s entry without much effort (or money).

You can add custom trim in a driftwood tone if your house is white. This little detail will make your house pop immediately thanks to the soft contrast. Additionally, it will drive attention to your home’s best features.

Place other decorative accents under a roofline if you want to enhance your curb appeal. These accents will make your house look sturdy. 

Another way to increase the aesthetic of your house is by adding faux wood gables. This is a great idea if you want to recreate a Tudor style with decorative trusses. 

A Perfect Item To Promote Warmth In Any Room Setting

One of the biggest advantages of outdoor faux beams is that they are versatile, so you can use them in almost any room. They have the potential to immediately improve the appearance of your home or property, especially in the outdoors.

You can be sure that faux beams are the best to get a rustic, cozy, and elegant vibe regardless of the place. You can use them on your front porch, your garden, or your home’s facade, and basically anywhere in your outdoor area!

Faux beams are the best way to recreate the rustic vibes of real wood but at a lower cost and effort.

Contact A Wood Beam Designer

If you want to warm up your home, faux wood beams can help. Whether you choose a gray or walnut tone, you will love the results when adding faux wood accents to your house. 

If you’re ready to improve your house appearance with faux wood, contact Woodland Beam to receive top-quality items and guaranteed service. Contact us by email or phone to get started! 


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