Custom Beams

Having customized beams in your home or office makes for a decorative and stylish look visitors can appreciate. Using ceiling beams to create a fashionable setting give people something to look at and stare at in awe do to the fact that this type of architecture surely stand out.

Woodland, a custom beam company, can create a look that can be styled to create custom fixtures with alder and cedar. An Arizona wood beam can be fashioned to fit in place nicely, fitting perfectly with secure joints.

Only experts in carpentry are able to duplicate the hewning process to give box beams a look that will last for years to come. Professional carpenters are trained to give the custom beams process the luxury and classy look that every home or office location craves. All custom beams are made by hand and are built to stand the test of time and endure the maximum amount of stress conditions. All beams are shipped to customers in a timely manner with the least amount of hassle which will ultimately make a valued customer happy. To prevent cracking and damage the woodland Custom Beam Company has developed a shipping process that completely secures beams, wood beams, wood beams, ceiling beams, and more.

The custom beam is very useful in that there are a wide variety of them to choose from to make a home more appealing and to accentuate the lines in vaulted ceilings and other high type of ceilings.

Ceiling beam styles that are designed by Woodland Beams to fit in a specific location are fully customizable and create an authentic look that not only reflects the quality of the craftsmanship, but also make a property more valuable due to the stylish property upgrade. Woodland Custom Beam Company also provides installation services which will get the installation process correct right from the start.

A lot of measuring and making sure that accurate fitting goes into the initial process to make sure that a room or location is a suitable candidate to receive a box beam make over. Exact measurements are taken and a beam system is designed to fit perfectly on ceilings and against wall.

For individuals or business owners that are considering giving their location a new look with a custom beam system will be glad that they contacted the Woodland Custom Beam Company to handle the design and installation process. Quality is always important and custom beams provide a quality that any property, room, or office space can appreciate.

Custom Wood Beams

Arizona Custom Wood BeamsCustom Wood beams also known as faux beams are given much more druthers as compared to conventional wood beams due to their stability, low price and elegant look. The Custom wood Beams provided by Woodland Beam are indistinguishable from conventional wood beams.

They are made from 1 inch stock, which means there is far less moisture which will be leaving, and far less twisting down the road. We also have perfected the jointing process, so we can make out decorative box beams any size we desire, whereas solid core beams are limited by the size of the tree from which they are cut.