There are many ways to incorporate Alder box beams in great rooms, recreation rooms, living rooms, dens and more. The Spanish style that also dominates the Southwest with warmth and luster with vigas in all of the rooms and in the exterior structures, offer a welcoming feeling of the old Southwest. Once a home has been designed with the structural and aesthetic substance and beauty of wood beams, there is no other way to decorate a home. Making the most of the plans to use alder beams can be done with hewn and finish in mind to create that heartening look of a rustic home of the Southwest or a luxurious home with Tudor style beam and trims. For a long lasting and durable variation on the theme of vaulted ceilings, a style of ceiling beams that is popular to use are Alder beams. It is a simple matter to contact Woodland Custom Beam Company with inquiries about pricing and styles, particularly the Alder Box Style Beams Hewn, which can be ordered with electronic bids. All questions about the beam making process and ordering assistance is available online or by telephone.