The Advantages Of Box Beams

Advantage of Woodland Custom BeamsMost Box Beams have problems that you do not face with woodland beam. Many Box Beams have glaringly obvious joints, which need to be hidden with bulky and obnoxious metal straps. Woodland box beams are made by master carpenters, and we have developed a unique jointing process that is the result of hundreds of hours of trial and error by the best carpenters in the business. Our decorative wood ceiling beams have almost invisible joints, no matter the size.

Many box beams also lack structural integrity, and are really just pieces of wood glued together. woodland beam are proven to hold together under extreme stress, and that is why we have never had a problem shipping our real wood beams any where in the country. Our product will stand the test of time. Unlike most decorative box beams and other ceiling beams, Woodland beams do not crack, or twist, or split. They are made as a luxury finish, and there is nothing flimsy about them.

There are so many advantages:

  • Lightweight Wood Beams
  • Easy To Ship
  • Reduce Twisting And Cracking
  • No Mold Or Rot
  • Any Size Beam, Any Width, Any Height
  • Install At Any Point

Woodland beam takes the concept of a box beam and makes it into something greater. Our carpenters are experts in hewning, and can replicate any hand hewn identically. We can make our box beams look reclaimed, smooth with routed edges, a rustic hand hewn look, distressed, anything at all. That is why we are the premiere supplier of custom wood beams. It can be almost impossible to find hand hewn cedar beams in any large sizes, but we make them any size. We have made a 36 foot 10 x 14 hand hewn cedar beam, with no rotting, no twisting or cracking. Our hand-hewn ceiling beams will only need to be finished once, you will not have to call painters back to refinish the beams over and over again

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