The beauty of high ceilings adorned with a decorative real beam, adds a sense of ambiance and decor that will also add value to the home. The beam that beautifies must also be made to a standard that will add character and depth without signs of defects or poor quality. Most beams that are purposed with decorative qualities must have characteristics to stand up to inspection of the eyes of admirers as well as those of craftsmen and carpenters that manufacture the beam to fulfill orders. The Alder box beam should suggest that perfect shape of a box all along the surfaces of the beam. The surfaces must be treated and stained to add color, texture and a finished look so that when they are installed in the ceiling, they will intensify the richness of the room and not distract from it with any signs of cracking, torsion or flaws. Alder Wood Beams with routed edges will enrich any room and make a homeowner proud. Woodland Custom Beam Company will accept electronic bids and provide pricing. Now adding the richness of alder beams to the home is easier and affordable for any home owner.