Wood Beams: A Better Choice

Wood beams in California by woodland beam are designed to take the place of conventional wood beams. These beams are three-sided wooden beams with a channel inside and are perfect replicas of Conventional wood beams. We can hide those necessary but ugly wires, cords, HVAC or lighting, while keeping the look of solid wood.

Woodland beam uses real wood to ensure that the look and feel maintains the authentic look of actual beams. By using real wood, we are able to sculpt the wood to many shapes and sizes. We can easily create any size beam, and we also replicate any hewing or reclaimed beam look by using real wood. We also have the ability to wrap engineered beams such as glue lam beams. This makes a stronger structural beam with the look of an authentic reclaimed or timber beam.

Our Real Wood Box Beams also ELIMINATE the chances of CRACKING AND SPLITTING as they are built with kiln dried lumber. This ensures that the appearance of the beams will maintain the same look today and for many years to come. When real beams are used, sometimes you have no choice on what wood is installed. Real beams have the potential to crack, twist and split. By using box beams, our materials are hand selected so that each and every beam looks authentic and maintains its original appearance.

These beams are also advisable as they are light weight and perfect for a multitude of applications: new homes, existing homes, commercial, and remodels. By keeping beams lightweight, there are no engineering issues to deal with. This cuts down on expensive roof systems and engineering costs.

With custom Woodland box beams being installed after drywall, you can keep your build on schedule. All box beams are custom cut to fit, so you will have no drywall cracking or shrinking at the edges of the box beams.

They are also perfect for green building. The box beams come from smaller trees than actual beams and are considered a “green” product. By using the smaller wood products, we are helping preserve the forests and the environment. By using Woodland box beams, we are leaving forests standing, protecting trees, and habitats for wildlife.

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Any size job, Woodland can handle all of your Beam needs!

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