California Beams

California Box BeamsCalifornia custom beams created by Woodland Custom Beams can be a fine touch to finish off that rustic look. Decorative beams can pose a few problems in the years to come. The biggest problem is that beams are made from wood. Wood naturally holds moisture. Over time the moisture will leave the wood and may cause possible twisting, warping and cracking of your custom beams. This is something that no one wants to happen after spending money and time making their home beautiful.

There are beams made with one inch stock and are indistinguishable from the conventional wood beam. Woodland Custom Box beams have a unique jointing process which allows the beam to be made in any size. With traditional wood beams you are limited to the size of the tree it is cut from. The box beams are natural looking and the joints will not need to be covered with straps due to the seamless joint process. They are also lighter in weight than traditional beams.

The beams come in a variety of woods. There is Poplar, Cedar and Alder to choose from. There is no limit on the possibilities of designs with these woods.

These beams have been featured in several magazines and home shows across the states. There are many styles and looks to choose from. You can be sure that you will find the design that you are looking for. The quality that is placed in Woodland Custom box beams is exceptional.

What is the difference between California beams and others? The wood is probably the most discerning quality that can set them apart from beams made of wood from the Southwest, which could be made of Juniper or Pinion wood. In the forests around the mountains in California, the wood can vary from hard to evergreens such as pine and oak or even redwood. Those beautiful California beams can be a threat as well to the budget that goes into them, being solid and subject to warping and twisting. To have that Tuscan/Mediterranean look in the home that is so popular in Southern California homes, California beams can be imitated saving budget and heartache with the box beam made of wood that will give that same look and feel without the potential disasters that solid wood can bring.