The Making of Custom Cedar Beams

Video Transcript

“A common question we get asked at the Woodland Custom Beam Company is, can we provide cedar beams. And the answer is, “Yes, we definitely do provide cedar.” Cedar is one of our favorite woods. Very easy to work with, pliable. So, it can be shaped for joints that are completely invisible. Cedar is also known for taking a stain terrifically which allows us to make it any color or look that the customer desires.

The Making of Custom Wood Beams by Woodland Custom Beam Company

Cedar is another fantastic choice for box beams because of the fantastic smell of cedar wood. When we install cedar beams into a home, its always a pleasure. They look terrific and mount easily to the walls. They’ll take any type of hewing we want to lay down on them. And they’re a great complement to any type of existing wood that you currently have. We’re often asked to match existing wood grains and this can be difficult to do. A lot of wood has very specific grains such as Spruce or Doug-fir. Cedar is kind of in the middle grain and blends a little more easily than say trying to match an Alder and a Poplar. So, cedar is a great beam, we love using it. And please check out cedar beams and cedar reclaimed beams on”

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