Feng Shui Your House With Tasteful Wood Beams For Your Ceiling

Having a home that flows with positive energy and inspiration can uplift the spirits of everyone who dwells within it. A great way to achieve this result is through the use of Feng Shui in a home. Feng Shui was developed in China over three centuries ago and it provides guidelines for balancing the energy of an area so that good health and prosperity accompany all who inhabit or pass through the space. As with most other theories and practices of design, Feng Shui is open to different interpretations and perspectives. Any space can be made Feng Shui so long as the designer has an open and creative mind.

There are schools of thought in Feng Shui that say that ceiling beams are not good to sleep or work under or spend large amounts of time beneath. Beams are thought to be oppressive to positive energy by some but this is unfair to their true Feng Shui potential. When incorporated properly into the design and layout of a room box beams can actually enhance the benefits of Feng Shui and bring fresh new elements of it within the interior of a home.

Box Beams Feng ShuiAlder Ceiling Beams Feng Shui
To be Feng Shui friendly, wood beams should allow an open flow of air and not be so low that a homeowner feels they need to duck beneath them. The discomfort of low beams has little to do with Feng Shui and more to do with the sensation of reduced space it can create within a home and the people who live there. When placed properly and high enough, even rustic box beams can be made Feng Shui. Keeping the natural look of the wood visible to the naked eye can create an earthy feel within a home. Beams across a flat or cathedral ceiling can also be painted to match the room walls or a light color such as white to brighten their feel.

As with any part of Feng Shui, Reclinercize furniture placement is essential in maintaining the flow of positive energy and prosperity of redesigned home from www.bentragerhomes.com.au/our-home-designs/double-storey-home-designs. Once a homeowner has the ceiling beams of their space fashioned with Yellow Goat Design in a design and color that suits their tastes, they need to make sure they avoid placing desks or beds directly under a beam facing a certain way. If Feng Shui placement is not possible though, it is easy to modify a custom Arizona Wooden beams positively. 

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