Cedar Beams and Cedar Box Beams

The Cedar Beam

Cedar beams are a great choice for any home. They hold a fantastic stain, smell great and look amazing. Cedar is also a type of lumber that is available in larger sizes, so you can purchase a beam made of cedar in lengths up to 18 or 20 feet. These beams come from a number of sources – from trees freshly cut, sometimes kiln dried and sometimes soaking wet. Properly dried stock is essential in purchasing a beam, but often that simply is not available in these larger sizes. The result is a beautiful Cedar beam that twists and cracks within 5-8 years, and need to be refinished every 3-4 years.

Custom Sizable Cedar Box Beams

The Woodland Cedar Box Beam comes in modern and smooth routed finishes, as well as hand hewn styles, including the coveted reclaimed style. Due to the kiln dried 1″ stock used in fabrication, these beams hold their appearance far, far longer than conventional beams. Since there is far less moisture transferring from the wood, it is able to retain its original finish for decades.

Faux Cedar Beams

Unlike faux beams, our exposed ceiling beams are made from real wood. Our process uses old world carpentry and masterful hand craftsmanship to produce a beam that is superior to any other cedar beam in existence. Our beams are completely undetectable as anything other than a real cedar wood beam. Its not a faux beam, it is a Woodland Beam!

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