Wood Beams Versus Plastic or Laminate Beams

The Advantage of Wooden Box BeamsWhether to use wooden box beams or not is first of all a stylistic issue. If you like the look and feel of wood, you might like it on display in your home. Wooden beams are generally a very economical choice for your home. Wooden beams also usually help to a certain degree, to reduce energy costs. Decorative wooden beams built by Woodland Beams are very versatile and are able to integrate with a wide variety of architectural styles and designs easily. You may have an image of a log cabin type of scene, but wooden beams can be used in sleek, contemporary and modern designs as well as country farmhouses. Wooden beams are very durable and usually will last for many years without looking old, worn or scratched.

Depending on your style preference, you can paint wooden beams in an array of different colors to match the décor of the house. You can really improve your overall aesthetic charm of your house by giving it an elegance that is not going to be the same with steel or laminate. Nicely stained wooden ceiling beams look excellent and will add a lot to your home’s appeal.

Many poorly designed and laminate type of wood beams tend to split and rot. This is very dangerous as these beams are load-bearing and having rot from within will affect their ability to support the structure, leaving you in serious danger. Cheap wood mixed with laminates are generally only cheap in the short run. In the long run, it will cost you more in replacing the wooden beams and taking care of any damage caused.

Research the different types of wood beams out there so that you know you are making the right choice for your home. Speak to other home-owners who have had custom Arizona wooden beams put in and find out how long they have had them and if they are satisfied with them.

Going back throughout history, wooden beams have been used in old fashioned barns and other structures using the post and beam method. Very strong wooden beams were made using one solid piece of timber.

Someone may be concerned that wooden beams can rot through water damage but the wood can be treated with chemicals to protect it and is generally not an issue. Wood beams are generally very versatile and you can fasten things to them if you want. Wood is also a renewable resource so this is an environmentally sound choice.

Decorative wooden box beams are a great choice that use a hollow box using sections of lumber and plywood sheets. They can be designed so as to look no different than a conventional wood beam but are much lighter and easy to work with.

When you have no structural need for a solid wood beam but want a wood beam look and feel (as well as in actuality) a box beam can be a great item to use.

There is no “one size fits all” in the wooden beam arena. There are many sizes, styles and choices out there and choosing the right custom beams for your home is a great step to getting the style that you desire.

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