2014 New Years Resolutions; Time For Yearly Beam Maintenance

Happy 2014 everyone! We know many of you are making improvements to your lives in January – you have joined gyms, started shopping more healthfully, reduced drinking or other habits. Many of you may not have thought of home improvement as a new years resolution. At Woodland Custom Beam Company, we resolve to help care for your homes, every day. We know those of you who have purchased our superior wooden box beams have already experienced how little maintenance is required. Less twisting and cracking, no mold or rot and overall ease of maintaining is part of the benefit.

Learn about how to properly care for your box beams
In every aspect of home renovation/upkeep or repair, the mantra is typically the same. An ounce of prevention including caulking, filling and painting, is worth a pound of cure. For example, customers may or may not realize that you should have your wood beams looked at once a year and do any necessary repairs. Beams should be kept painted every two years on the top, sides and bottoms as well. Some people might forget the tops and experts agree that this can be a big problem as water damage will start from the top (check out Bcrcfl.com for more information). Some paints last longer than this and that may be fine but you cannot neglect maintenance. You still need to keep an eye on your structure and if you see the wood open up, get it caulked and re-painted. The painters in your city can certainly deal with it. Click on the following to get the top tips for painting over darker interior surfaces in a home.

If you purchased your Arizona wood beams from someone else, you may want to keep in mind that not every wood beam is created equally. Some are more prone to twisting and cracking. You can call in an expert from Woodland Beam to check it out. It may be more cost effective over the long run to replace the wood beam with something that will last and not need as much constant attention and maintenance. Wood rot, twisting and cracking are common issues. While wood beams are beautiful and add untold elegance to a home, you would be shocked at the hidden rot that exists in so many cases which is a health hazard and a danger to your home.

A lack of regular maintenance guarantees deterioration over time. If your house is not brand new, you may not know when the last routine maintenance was done. Many houses are decades old. If your house is newer and your wood beams are newer, then start things off right with proper maintenance and care which is by far the least expensive option over time.

Fungus causes dry rot which is a situation when the wood gets weaker and it actually chews up the parts of the wood that give all of the support and stiffness that are needed to hold it together. Excess moisture also can attract termites that love a good snack of wood and will destroy all of your wood beams left unchecked.

The option to repair or replace is always a customer’s choice and the key is to assess the situation and do what is the best option for functionality, cost and safety. Ultimately you will make that choice and it is our job to ensure you have the right information to make the best choices.
Depending on the situation, the wood beam damage may or may not be obvious to you. Sometimes paint can mask the damage and sometimes fillers can mask it.

Crumbling wood or warped ends on the beam show signs of advanced decay. Also of course peeling paint or caulking that has come out can indicate fungus or excess moisture. A beam caving in slightly is a sign of dry rot and is a warning sign for sure. A crack or indentation is important to look into to find out how deeply erroded the beam is.

Every beam has a purpose – some are structural and some are decorative. In the case of structural beams, any change or modification to it affects the whole structure.

You can do some minor repairs on a ceiling beam yourself and you can do small repairs instead of replacing a beam.

You will extend the longevity of your ceiling beams by keeping them maintained and inspected and not hesitating when a repair is needed.

In keeping with all of your other important resolutions this year, make the maintenance of your home and in specific your wooden beams, a priority.

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