Faux Beams Can Help
Save You Money

Have you been looking for an innovative way to enhance the beauty of your home? Are your timber trusses or support beams overall needing a simple face lift? Furnishing your home with rich, quality materials does not have to be as expensive or complex as you might think. There are incredible options available to you with the technologies and methods used in today’s modern architecture portfolio.

Faux Cedar BeamsYou may want to look into using faux beams in the renovation or repair of your home. Though rustic and beautiful, the surfaces of many older beams can become a safety hazard or take on an unpleasant aged appeal and may require some first-hand attention. Repair and corrective appeal is made easy with faux wood trusses. Understandably, you may desire to cover the old beams with  natural wooden beam wraps but natural woods to cover them can be hard to obtain and can be quite pricey when all is said and done. But by utilizing faux wood beams, you can eliminate these roadblocks and find exemplary solutions. Faux beams are often crafted from recycled materials, making them an environmentally sound choice for restructuring your home.

Faux beams are uniquely adaptable and can be made to custom fit your exact needs. They can be made into any number of wood hues and grains, and shaped to articulate the exact motifs and designs that you see in natural wood decor. The creative possibilities are plentiful and exciting. Adding these pieces gives a sense of complete appeal, artistry, and uncommon richness to your home. Each faux piece is a piece of workmanship that mirrors the loveliness of real wood. They are a cost effective way to introduce a new look to your room’s overall appeal.

Faux Box Beams by ChimneyPerhaps you wish to keep the original wood in place, but know that there are pieces that need attention… consider using a custom hand-hewn cealing beam wrap to conceal those unruly edges that need reform. Beam wraps help the necessary support post become an accented piece of beauty that simply exudes taste and unique choice of material and form. Faux wood beams and wraps are a perfect solution to answer your “lofty” needs. They are designed to be a beneficial asset in any beam project.

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