Beam Wraps

Although faux wood trusses by Woodland Custom Beams might not give off some of the subtle nuances that can only be had when using authentic wood, the benefits sure outweigh the minor drawbacks. The great thing about faux wood is that it can be constructed to perfectly imitate authentic wooden beams. If traditional motifs or schemes are preferred, or if one gravitates towards the more rustic look, so coveted in many homes nowadays, opting for faux wood and incorporating beam wrap effects will surely pay off in the end.

Something that a lot of potential homeowners seem to overlook when it comes to beam wraps and materials is that they assume it to be a wasteful thing, when in fact many of these products come from recycled materials that would have otherwise become a waste product. It doesn’t hurt that beam wraps and rafters look good, but it is important that one opt for high quality materials. Unfortunately, there are a number of low-quality faux wooden materials out in the market nowadays, which don’t live up to the standards of appearance or structural integrity needed for something to be incorporated into a building.

Prior to choosing beam wraps, box trusses, or beam rafters, always do in-depth research into the types that are available, their prices, their durability, and any other tidbits you can get your hands on. It’s best that you invest time and a significant amount of money in picking only the choicest of materials, especially in a market saturated by second-rate materials that might look good but have very little structural strength to make it worth your investment.