Reclaimed Beams And Faux Reclaimed Box Beams

Custom sizing Reclaimed Beams

Reclaimed beams are made from repurposed and recycled wood, typically taken from old structures such as barns, sheds and of course you can always reclaim an entire estate if you are lucky enough to acquire a turn of the century home with prime examples of the master carpentry of the time. This results in beams that are hard to size. They can be cut down, but if the home you are reclaiming does not have an 18 foot 12 x 12 exposed decorative ceiling beam, you are out of luck.

Other issues with reclaimed wood beams

Reclaimed wood is often sold as is. the cost of transporting it across the country typically mean the buyers cannot inspect prior to delivery. They can receive pictures and deal with reputable dealers, but even the finest batch of reclaimed lumber may have a large number of ruined wood – either mildewed, rotted, twisted, cracking or other maladies particular to reclaiming lumber.

The Reclaimed Beam Solution

Custom reclaimed beams can now be had in any size, and finish, almost any wood, and made lightweight for remodels and existing ceilings. in fact, our reclaimed lumber is often better than lumber that is claimed the first time, since we use a kiln dried stock.

We are of course replicating the hewning and appearance of reclaimed stock, using kiln dried lumber and custom texturing processes to match any style of lumber.

Now you can:

  • Replace reclaimed beams on any existing ceiling
  • Match the size, style finish and appearance of any real wood or reclaimed beam
  • Wrap rotted or decaying beams with our woodland beams for a brand new ceilingFind reclaimed alder, reclaimed Cedar beams, oak and more in any size!!