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Snyderville Custom Wood Beams

Handmade From Quality Wood
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Top-Rated Box Beams Made From Real Wood Near Snyderville, UT

Renovation, Design, Installation & Custom Beam Manufacturing

Do you live in Snyderville and want to have beams installed in your home? Woodland Beam is the place to go. Our skilled workers can do everything from crafting them to renovating them to designing them to creating custom ones to installing them. After they are finished, your place will look outstanding. Also, these are durable beams that can withstand wear and tear. Contact us today!

Top-Rated Box Beams Made From Real Wood Near Snyderville, UT

Decorate Your Home In Snyderville With Our Faux Ceiling Beams

Fully Customizable & Lightweight Wood Box Beams

You may have a certain vision of how your house will look with beams. We can bring that to life with our customizable beams that will suit your style exactly. All of our work is done here in the United States and our skilled workers are excellent at their craft. If you want faux beams, we use material that closely resembles natural wood – people will not even know the difference. The beams will not twist or warp over the course of time. Come tell us your vision and we will create it and then instantly improve your home.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

 Easy To Install Barn Wood Beams & Mantles In Snyderville, UT

Easy To Install Barnwood Beams & Mantles In Snyderville

Are you dreading having to install barnwood beams or a mantle? It all depends on the sizing and it can feel like an impossible task. Our beams are easy to install – we design them to fit right into their slots. We make beams that have the same hew and grain as natural beams, if you want faux beams. They look so natural that people don’t know the difference. Woodland Beam is here to help the residents of Snyderville have the best looking homes possible.

Snyderville Alder Beams

Custom Alder Wood Ceiling Beams Made Any Size Imaginable

Custom Alder Wood Ceiling Beams Made Any Size Imaginable

There is no custom job too difficult for our beam crafters. They can make them fit any home once given the correct dimensions. Give them a call to make your Snyderville home look great.

Lightweight Alder Beams For Remodels That Fit Anywhere In Your Home

Lightweight Alder Beams For Remodels That Fit Anywhere In Your Home

You won’t have to worry about straining yourself moving our lightweight Alder beams around your house. We make them hollow to make them easy to install.

Reclaimed Style Alder Beams With Easy Installations

Reclaimed Style Alder Beams With Easy Installations

Our skilled workers breathe new life into old wood with our reclaimed Alder beams. They make them easy to install and their results are fantastic to behold.

Snyderville Cedar Box Beams

Reclaimed Style Cedar Box Beams Resistant To Cracking

Reclaimed Style Cedar Box Beams Resistant To Cracking

There is nothing more frustrating than looking up at your beams and seeing cracks in them. That won’t be a concert when you use our durable cedar box beams.

Long-lasting & Moisture Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

Long-lasting & Moisture Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

Moisture is the reason for most of the cracks that appear in beams over time. The wood is wet and it weakens. That is not the case with our Woodland Beam cedar box beams.

Conventional Wood Beams VS Box Wood Beams Near Snyderville

When it comes to conventional wood beams, the biggest issue that people tend to have with them is how heavy and hard to maneuver they are. These two factors add a large degree of difficulty when it comes to installing them. On top of that, the beams can be quite prone to cracking due to moisture, which weakens their overall structure and ensures that they will need to be repaired and replaced sooner than you would probably like.

Our box wood beams are hollow, which makes them much lighter and much easier to install. There is a less likely chance that they will crack due to moisture. Installation is so much easier and you can enjoy a more luxurious-looking home afterwards. These are a cost-effective design you’ll be happy you brought into your home.

It is our goal at Woodland Beam to provide Snyderville residents with the best quality beams on the market. Our workers work diligently day in and day out to craft these beams to exacting specifications that will please the people who order them. We are an American company who does all our work in the United States – no outsourcing. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Box Wood Beams

We aim to sell the most affordable high-quality beams possible. The price will depend on the size and material used. While we tend to start our prices at $30 per sample, there are a lot of variables to consider. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions.
At Woodland Beam, we use a high quality woods to create our beautiful beams and mantles. We use 1-inch stock, which will greatly reduce the risk of warping and cracking. You will love how your home looks with these wood faux beams that will last a long time.
Real beams are made from one piece of wood, which limits the size of the beam to the size of the tree they were made from. Not only that but they are heavier, more expensive, and prone to cracking and twisting. On the other hand, while fake beams are less expensive, they tend to have an unnatural look. At Woodland beams we provide our clients with high quality faux beams, which are made from real wood but are hollow on the inside. This way not only are they affordable, but require less maintenance, are far less prone to twisting, and can be made into any size your home requires.
Yes – provided that they are placed horizontally or along the sloped part of the ceiling. Otherwise they will not provide the needed support. Our knowledgeable workers will be able to answer any specific questions that you might have.
We craft very durable box beams and design them to be very easy to install. Both customers and people in the industry like our work. Come see what we can do for you and your Snyderville home!

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