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Park City Custom Wood Beams

Handmade From Quality Wood

Top-Rated Box Beams Made From Real Wood Near Park City, UT

Renovation, Design, Installation & Custom Beam Manufacturing

Are you a Park City resident who needs beams for their homes? Our workers at Woodland Beam can craft them, renovate them, design them, install them, and create custom ones that will make your place stand out. These beams are also not subject to the usual wear and tear that other beams from other places tend to undergo. See what we can do for you!

Top-Rated Box Beams Made From Real Wood Near Park City, UT

Decorate Your Home In Park City With Our Faux Ceiling Beams

Fully Customizable & Lightweight Wood Box Beams

Some companies outsource their work. Not Woodland Beam. Everything is made here in America. We pay close attention to detail and we craft box beams that will not twist or warp over time. The material we use looks so comparable to natural wood that it can often be mistaken for such. Do you have a particular style or design for your Park City home? Our workers will listen carefully and then come up with exactly what you envisioned. Let us improve your home.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Easy To Install Barn Wood Beams & Mantles In Park City

Easy To Install Barnwood Beams & Mantles In Park City

There are times that trying to install a barnwood beam or a mantle can be next to impossible. The sizing can be wrong and it is a huge undertaking. Not with our beams . we make them in such a way that they fit easily into their slots. These custom beams also resemble the hew and grain of natural beams, so people will not even notice the difference between the two. If you want something that will be able to be installed quickly, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Park City Alder Beams

Custom Alder Wood Ceiling Beams Made Any Size Imaginable

Custom Alder Wood Ceiling Beams Made Any Size Imaginable

Our trusted beam crafters can make these beams to fit any home possible, no matter the size. Do not hesitate to tell them what size you want and they will make it right for your Park City home.

Lightweight Alder Beams For Remodels That Fit Anywhere In Your Home

Lightweight Alder Beams For Remodels That Fit Anywhere In Your Home

The best thing about these beams is that they are not heavy to lug around. They can make your home look fantastic and you will appreciate how easy they are to install.

Lightweight Alder Beams For Remodels That Fit Anywhere In Your Park City Home

Reclaimed Style Alder Beams With Easy Installations

The reclaimed alder beams that we sell at Woodland Beam will give your Park City home a great style. Come see what we have to offer.

Park City Cedar Box Beams

Reclaimed Style Cedar Box Beams Resistant To Cracking

Reclaimed Style Cedar Box Beams Resistant To Cracking

Given that we use thin stock, it makes it much more resistant to cracking than natural wood. You can feel good about having our beams up in your home.

Long-lasting & Moisture Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

Long-lasting & Moisture Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

Moisture can be very tough on box beams. Our stock that we use at Woodland Beam are designed to keep from getting moisture in them and then possibly cracking.

Conventional Wood Beams VS Box Wood Beams Near Park City

The biggest problem that people have with conventional wood beams is that they are both heavy and hard to maneuver. That can make installing them quite difficult and unpleasant. Also, they can be prone to moisture and cracking, which will weaken their structural integrity and require repairs sooner than you would like.

Box wood beams, on the other hand, are lighter due to their being hollow, and are less likely to fall prey to moisture and cracking. They are easy to install and can give your home a luxurious look. These are great investments.

It is our goal at Woodland Beam to serve Park City residents the best way possible by providing them with high-quality beams for their homes. Our work is carefully done and we are proud of each and every beam that we make here in America. There is no outsourcing here. We welcome your patronage.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Box Wood Beams

It is our goal to sell things that are useful for the home while also being extremely affordable. It also depends on what size you want them to be. Our prices tend to start off at $30 per sample. Always feel free to inquire if you have any questions.
We use 1-inch stock, which is much better to use than a conventional beam, which is limited to how much can be cut from a tree. They will not warp or crack as opposed to traditional beams. Your home will look much better with these beams.
Real beams are made of wood and the fake beams are made from a different material that closely resembles actual wood. You will love what we craft at Woodland Beam – it will look great when it is all completed.
Yes. They need to be put horizontally on the ceiling or along the sloped part of the ceiling. Otherwise they will not work. If you are not sure, you can talk to one of the experts at Woodland Beam. They will gladly answer any questions that you might have about where to locate the beams.
Our box beams are very durable and they almost never need to be repaired. We also designed them to be much easier to install than other types of beams on the market. Both those in the industry and our customers love the work that we do.

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