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Orem Custom Wood Beams

Handmade Wood Beams Near Orem
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Handcrafted Box Beams Made From Real Wood Near You

Renovation, Design, Installation & Custom Beam Manufacturing

Wooden beams are a beautiful addition to any space in the home. Whether you want to spruce up your current home or are planning a full renovation, Woodland Beam can help you achieve the beauty, strength, and impressive features of a conventional wooden beam without the downsides that come with using real wood. Our five-star Orem custom faux wood beams are handcrafted to be an exact replica of the real thing!

Handcrafted Box Beams Made From Real Wood For Sale In Orem

Upgrade Your Orem Home With Quality Faux Ceiling Beams

Fully Customizable & Lightweight Wood Box Beams
Easy To Install Barn Wood Beams & Mantles

Easy To Install Barn Wood Beams & Mantles

Each of our Orem custom faux barnwood beams is incredibly lightweight and simple to install in any space.

Custom Size Alder Wood Ceiling Beams for Sale in Orem

Custom Alder Wood Ceiling Beams Made Any Size Imaginable

Call today to customize a custom faux alder beam in Orem to your exact specifications and size requirements.

Realistic Alder Faux Ceiling Beams For Sale In Orem

Realistic Alder Faux Ceiling Beams

Bring authentic Southwest warmth and luster to your home with a custom built faux alder beam at Woodland Custom Beam.

Lightweight Alder Beams For Home Remodels In Orem

Lightweight Alder Beams For Home Remodels

Our Orem faux wood beams are the perfect solution for spaces where conventional beams cannot be installed due to their weight.

Reclaimed Style Alder Beams With Easy Installations

Reclaimed Style Alder Beams With Easy Installations

Get the look and feel of real wood alder beams without the negatives when you choose Woodland Custom Beam Company.

Orem’s #1 Choice For Cedar Box Beams

Orem’s #1 Choice For Cedar Box Beams

Our Orem faux cedar beams are highly resistant to warping and cracking. They are ready to install in any space!

Orem’s #1 Choice For Cedar Box Beams

Reclaimed Style Cedar Box Beams Resistant To Cracking

Each Orem faux cedar box beam at Woodland Custom Beam is crafted with real pieces of cedar for authenticity.

Orem’s #1 Choice For Cedar Box Beams

Long-lasting & Moisture Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

Faux beams are naturally moisture resistant and crack resistant, featuring incredible durability that brings character to any home.

Conventional Wood & Box Wood Beams For Sale Near Orem

While faux beams are carefully designed to exactly replicate conventional wood, they are vastly different from each other in function and versatility. At our Orem custom beam manufacturing company, we create faux beams that are impressively lightweight and designed to last a lifetime without the need for replacement. Faux wooden beams are extremely resistant to moisture absorption, which protects against warping, cracking, and other damage.

Conventional wooden beams are made completely from real wood, making them incredibly heavy and limited in where they can be installed. Real wood is prone to moisture and humidity absorption, which makes them expand and contract, needing to be professionally replaced every 5-10 years.

The most popular feature of our faux beams at Woodland Custom Beam Company is their versatility and ease of installation. Because they are crafted with pieces of real wood, they are impressively lightweight and can be installed in virtually any area, while exactly mimicking the real thing. Our local woodcrafters build each piece to your exact specification and requirement. Contact Woodland Beam today to learn more about our detailed building process, or to receive an estimate for installing a faux beam in your own home!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Box Wood Beams

While our faux beams are not made fully from real wood, each beam has pieces of real wood crafted into it for authenticity and a naturally unique appearance. Whether you have chosen cedar, barnwood, alder, or another type of wood, we work diligently to create the appearance of real wood.
Woodland Beam crafts each faux beam with skill and care. Costs vary depending on factors such as the size and type of beam ordered, along with any other specific requirement you may have. Contact Woodland Beam today for a specific estimate!
Real wood beams are incredibly heavy and difficult to install. They are moisture-absorbent and prone to warping, cracking, and damage. Faux wooden beams are impressively lightweight, simple to install, and designed to exactly replicate the real thing. Faux beams bring the beauty and luster of real wood without the negatives.
Yes! The beauty of faux wooden beams is their versatility in installation. Because they are so lightweight and can be customized to your exact specifications, our faux beams at Woodland Custom Beam are ideal for any space in your home or business. Call today to learn more!
Our faux wooden beams at Woodland Custom Beam Company are incredibly lightweight since they are only made with small pieces of real wood. This makes them very easy to install in virtually any space. They are incredibly durable and once installed, will not need to be replaced at any point.

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