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Los Alamos Custom Wood Beams

Handmade From Quality Wood
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Handcrafted Box Beams Made From Real Wood Near Los Alamos, CA

Renovation, Design, Installation & Custom Beam Manufacturing

When you are looking for the beauty and strength of a conventional wooden beam without the downsides, Woodland Custom Beam is a helpful resource. We specialize in manufacturing Los Alamos faux wooden ceiling beams that closely replicate real wood, with the added benefits of being lightweight, simple to install, and long-lasting.

Renovation, Design, Installation & Custom Beam Manufacturing

Decorate Your Home In Los Alamos With Our Quality Faux Ceiling Beams

Fully Customizable & Lightweight Wood Box Beams

Easy-To-Install Barnwood Beams & Mantles In Grover Beach

Easy To Install Barnwood Beams & Mantles In Los Alamos

Our Los Alamos faux barnwood beams are handcrafted using pieces of real wood for authenticity and unique visual appeal.

Expertly Crafted Alder Beams Near Grover Beach

Custom Alder Wood Ceiling Beams Made Any Size Imaginable

Woodland Bean can customize any of our beams to fit perfectly in your space, while bringing strength and luster.

Custom-Sized Alder Wood Ceiling Beams Made To Your Needs

Best Rated Alder Faux Ceiling Beams In Los Alamos

Our impressively sturdy and lightweight Los Alamos faux alder beams at Woodland Beam are affordable and ideal for any space.

Lightweight Alder Beams For Home Remodels With Custom-Made Fit

Lightweight Alder Beams For Remodels That Fit Anywhere In Your Home

From dens and bedrooms, to stairwells and kitchens, Woodland Beam can create a faux beam to your exact specifications.

Reclaimed Style Alder Beams With Easy Installations

Reclaimed Style Alder Beams With Easy Installations

Choose from a variety of patterns and stains to replicate a conventional wood beam with a faux creation from Woodland Beam.

Grover Beach's Top Choice In Cedar Box Beams

Los Alamos’s #1 Choice For Cedar Box Beams

Our cedar box beams are incredibly lightweight, making them a breeze to install in any home or business.

Reclaimed Style Cedar Box Beams Resistant To Cracking

Reclaimed Style Cedar Box Beams Resistant To Cracking

Get the look and feel of real cedar with the added benefits of moisture resistance, crack resistance, and warping resistance.

Long-lasting & Moisture Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

Long-lasting & Moisture Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

Crafted with pieces of real wood for authenticity, our faux beams are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and resistant to humidity.

Conventional Wood Beams VS Box Wood Beams Near Los Alamos

While faux beams are designed to be almost exact replicas of the real thing, they are vastly different in reality. Their functionality, design, and longevity are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Our Los Alamos custom faux beam manufacturing company creates top-of-the-line faux beams that are handcrafted by local contractors with skill, efficiency, and great care. Each faux beam is designed to be extremely lightweight for easy installation, with the durability to last a lifetime without the need for replacement. Their moisture-resistance is unmatched by any other. Each is crafted with real pieces of wood for authenticity and beauty, and is fully customizable to the exact size of your space.

Conventional wooden beams are naturally heavy, which can severely limit where they can be installed. Because they are prone to moisture absorption, conventional beams ultimately begin to crack, twist, and warp over time, requiring replacement or professional attention every 5-10 years. Though they are beautiful and unique, it is nothing that cannot be matched by our faux replicas at Woodland Beam.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Box Wood Beams


At Woodland Beam, each faux beam is handcrafted by local craftsmen with skill and care. Their cost will vary based on their size, shape, look, type, and any other custom specifications you may have. Contact Woodland Custom Beam to learn more about our pricing process!


Each faux beam crafted at Woodland Custom Beam is created using bits of real wood, to add pieces of authenticity. Whether you choose alder, cedar, or barnwood, using real pieces brings a level of beauty and strength without the downsides of using 100% natural wood.


While faux beams and conventional wood look essentially the same, our faux beams are impressively lightweight, moisture-resistant, and fully customizable. They are designed to last a lifetime without the need to be replaced even once. Real wooden beams are extremely heavy and difficult to install in certain areas.


At Woodland Beam, we are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. We work tirelessly to ensure you are 100% happy with your faux beam, and have designed each beam type to be fully customizable for the perfect fit with any space in your home.


The short answer is, yes! Faux wooden beams in Los Alamos are impressively lightweight, making them naturally easy to install in the most complex space. While conventional beams require regular placement and are limited in their installation, faux beams are highly durable, flexible, and last a lifetime.

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