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Best-Rated Custom Wood Beams In Gilbert

Top Choice Handcrafted Wood Box Beams For Arizona Homes
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Gilbert’s Leading Handcrafted Wood Box Beams Dealers

Complete Solutions For Custom Beam Design, Installation, Renovation, & Manufacturing

Wood beams add a rustic or majestic feel to any room whether they are on the ceiling, used as a support beam, used as a mantle, or used as beautiful decorative accents. Maybe you’re ready to add beams to your home or you need to replace an old beam with something identical. No matter the situation, Woodland Custom Beam Company has a solution for you. We carefully craft our beams here in Arizona and have perfected the art. Being box beams, our beams are hollow inside. Most box beams are made from synthetic materials poured into a mold, but our beams are made from 100% real wood perfectly seamed together. Because of this, our beams can have the genuine uniqueness of wood while being much lighter and more durable than other options allowing them to last longer than traditional beams. Trust our leading Gilbert box beam company for your beam solutions!

Leading Handcrafted Wood Box Beams Dealers In Gilbert

Improve Your Indoor Spaces With Our 5-Star Rated Faux Ceiling Beams

Custom-Made Wood Box Beams For Every Space
Easy To Install Faux Cealing Beams And Mantles In Gilbert

Easy To Install Barn Wood Beams & Mantles

Our box beams are simple to install due to their lightweight and durable nature and will last longer than traditional beams while being just as sturdy.

Custom Alder Wood Ceiling Beams For Homes In Gilbert

Customizable Alder Wood Ceiling Beams To Perfectly Suit Your Space

All of our Alder wood ceiling beams are customizable and are carefully crafted to fit any space perfectly. Additionally, we can customize their look matching them to current beams!

Durable Alder Faux Ceiling Beams For Sale In Gilbert, AZ

Durable & Built-To-Last Alder Faux Ceiling Beams

If you’re looking for a ceiling beam made from wood, but built-to-last, consider your Gilbert beam company’s faux ceiling beams made from real Alder wood.

Long-Lasting Lightweight Alder Beams For Gilbert Home Renovations

Long-Lasting & Lightweight Alder Beams For Home Renovations

Traditional beams are heavy and tend to warp due to excess moisture, but with box beams from Woodland Custom Beam Company, you can expect lightweight beams that will last!

Easy To Install Reclaimed Style Alder Beams

Reclaimed Style Alder Beams That Are Easy To Install & Maintain

The reclaimed style is popular which is why we offer a few different reclaimed style beams. Made from real wood perfectly seamed together, our beams are simple to install!

Gilbert's Professional Cedar Box Beam Dealers

Professional Cedar Box Beam Dealers Near You

When you’re in the market for a Gilbert box beam company, look no further! At Woodland Custom Beam Company, we offer a variety of quality beams near you!

Crack-Resistant Reclaimed Cedar Box Beams For Sale

Crack-Resistant Cedar Box Beams With Reclaimed Style

Because box beams are less dense than traditional beams, they hold less moisture which makes them more crack-resistant allowing them to last longer! Check out our many styles of box beams today!

Long-Lasting And Moisture Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

Long-Lasting & Moisture-Resistant Box Beams Made Of Real Cedar

All of our box beams are made from real wood including lightweight cedar. Due to their construction by our skilled craftsmen, our beams boast moisture resistance and durability!

Open-Space Home Office With Custom Cedar Box Beams In Gilbert

Why We’re Gilbert’s Preferred Custom Wood Beams Dealers

There are many things to consider when you are looking for custom wood beams. First, you must decide if you want to go with a traditional beam or a box beam. Box beams are a popular option due to their durability, lightweight nature, and warp-resistance. Traditional beams are heavy and because of their density, they tend to hold more moisture which dries up overtime causing cracks. That said, many people opt for traditional beams because they are made from real wood instead of synthetic, molded material. Woodland Custom Beam Company is your solution to the problem! Being both a durable and lightweight box beam while crafted from real wood, you get the best of both worlds! Not only that, but because our beams are made custom using boards, we are able to match the grain, size, length, and look of any beam you might currently have. Let us be your Gilbert beam company and call us for a quote!

We are confident that our Woodland Beams won’t leave you disappointed. Our creator started this company wanting to look for a solution to the cracked and warped beams he was often replacing. From the day Woodland Beam Company was created, their box beams have been the perfect solution for Gilbert beam installs. Our customers are very important to us and we want to ensure a smooth and simple process from the moment you contact us to long after your beams are installed. With years of experience, and a trail of 5-star reviews across many platforms, it’s no wonder why contractors all over Arizona recommend Woodland Custom Beam Company as their preferred and trusted beam dealer. We have been featured in Luxe Magazine as well as at the Phoenix Home and Garden Show. Trust us to lead you through the process of adding beautiful, durable, and long-lasting beams to your home or business.

Call us today for a free consultation and talk to our friendly customer service professionals. We want to figure out your vision and make a beam to match. Using real, quality wood crafted to fit together perfectly, you won’t be disappointed!

Gilbert's Eco-Friendly Choice For Box Beams

Our Gilbert Box Beams Are Eco-Friendly From The Start

When you install box beams from Woodland Custom Beam Company, you can be sure that they are eco-friendly! From the start, traditional beams are dense and use a significant amount of wood from the tree. With our box beams, you still get real wood, but they are made from boards allowing for more efficient tree use! Not only that, but because our box beams are made from real wood and not synthetic material, they are naturally eco-friendly.

Discover Our Recent Projects With Faux Wood Beams

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Box Wood Beams

Don’t let the word ‘faux’ fool you! Our beams are far from fake! The reason we call them faux is because they are made from boards and are hollow inside instead of wood all the way through. This makes them lighter weight and easier to install. That said, you can be sure that we use real wood! We provide several styles including reclaimed, barnwood, and more sleek options all made from cedar and alder woods. Our skilled craftsmen have perfected their seams creating a beam which is nearly indistinguishable from a traditional beam!
The price of our box beams is determined by many factors, but is typically measured per linear foot. Depending on which type of wood you choose, the depth, the height, the length, and the style, the price can range anywhere from $35.00 per linear foot to $102.00 per linear foot. If you opt for a custom beam, however, the price may change and we ask that you contact us directly so we can determine a fair price for what you want. Our customers have not been disappointed with the money they spend to have a quality real-wood beam installed.
Yes! Faux beams are generally suitable for various ceiling types and configurations. They can be used on flat ceilings as well as sloped or vaulted ceilings. Faux beams are versatile and can be installed in both residential and commercial spaces, adding a decorative element to various architectural styles and designs. However, it is important to ensure proper installation and compatibility with your specific ceiling type to achieve the desired aesthetic and structural integrity.
Genuine ceiling beams are crafted from one solid piece of wood. They tend to be heavier and require more substantial support due to their dense composition. Because they are so dense, they often hold more moisture creating a possibility of cracking. Faux ceiling beams, in contrast, are lighter in weight, making installation more manageable. While most faux ceiling beams are made from synthetic materials, ours are made from real wood allowing for that unique grain pattern, texture and color inherent to different wood species.
Box beams are generally durable and relatively easy to install compared to solid wood beams. Made from real wood boards which are perfectly seamed together, they are incredibly durable and long lasting. The installation process involves attaching the box beams to the ceiling with screws or brackets, which is often simpler than handling and securing solid wood beams. Contact us today to answer any of your questions about installation or the durability of your chosen box beams!

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