Faux Wood Trusses

Why Decorate an Arizona House with Faux Wood Trusses

Wood can never be out of place in any Arizona home. The very history and air of the place makes it a perfect setting for houses that already include wooden decorations. Unfortunately, the price of good quality lumber is on a steady rise, and with that, so is its availability. Opting to decorate a home with faux wood trusses is an affordable option today, as it gives one the exact same coveted aesthetic appeal as wood without having to burn a hole straight through one’s wallet and trousers.

Having a home basking  in the beauty of  Arizona wooden beams is elegance in its simplest form; however the price of wood makes it extremely difficult for a person of merely moderate income to have the chance to experience the unparalleled aesthetics of such a feature. Faux wood trusses are the better alternative for a number of reasons, which should cue the homeowner into procuring them in place of authentic wood.

While authentic wood has unparalleled quality and unbeatable aesthetic appeal, faux wood can also be used to create realistic and appealing trusses for home decoration. Faux wood, unlike real wood, is often lightweight, durable, and rot-resistant. Another great feature that makes faux wood trusses ideal for home décor is that it is waterproof and pest-resistant. While it does not mellow out and age like authentic wood, one can always opt for faux wooden trussess that are distressed or aged to look like antique wood, if it so suits the homeowners’ desired look.

The supportive role that trusses play, in general, illustrates the vital necessity of them being reliable. Faux wood trusses are made of study, quality materials designed to hold up under wear and tear. They do not deteriorate under water damage as easily as real woods and do not acquire a musty smell over many years. These are made to work with the natural beauty found in your existing framework of trusses, and do not hamper that beauty.

There is also the issue of the pricing – as faux wood is relatively cheaper than authentic wood, especially if one is opting to imitate the rustic grandeur that can only be brought about by using aged, well-treated hardwood timbers. Faux wood trusses also don’t disappoint when it comes to providing dependable structural integrity, as it can hold its own in a structure. The benefits that can be had from choosing faux wood trusses may not be immediately evident upon installation, however when one calculates the overall savings that can be had from non-maintenance and easy installation, as well the relatively cheap price of faux wood, then it will become clearly evident. Granted, it is not as good as the real thing, but it comes close, and it helps one save tons of money in very subtle ways.

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