Box Trusses

Faux Wood Box Trusses

If one is opting to add a little medieval or Elizabethan feel to one’s household, choosing to incorporate faux box trusses along the ceilings and roof is one of the best things to do. Faux box trusses are a cheaper, more convenient, and easily obtainable alternative to bolstering the structure of one’s home. Like all faux-wood materials, they provide the homeowner the added benefit of having a material that is structurally sturdy, dependable, inexpensive, and resistant to nearly any kind of pest infestation.

Installing faux wooden box trusses is even easier than having to go about slowly installing authentic wooden ones. One of the drawbacks that can be experienced though is that faux wood does not expand or contract like real wood, nor does it ‘breathe’ like our custom decorative ceiling beams. If one is after more authentic-looking faux wooden box trusses, there is a great selection of faux wood building materials that has imbedded organic wooden chips or fibers for a more rustic and texture look.

While faux wooden trusses provide only a bare modicum of aesthetic appeal, opting for this allows one the relative freedom to choose from a variety of different finishes at very low prices – something entirely impossible when opting for natural wood, which will then be limited to the type of wood and grain. Faux wood box trusses go beyond the typical limitations imposed on natural timer by being pre-prepped and ready for construction right out of the bat. This not only provides the construction crew the convenience needed to finish a home faster, it also effectively lessens the expenses that one has to pay for labor and materials. Using faux wood greatly reduces the amount of waste in comparison to the time, expense, and material waste brought about when using natural wood for home construction.