The Fat Goose and the Ugly Room

The fat goose and the ugly room - by Woodland Custom Beam Company
Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and your living room is still boring and ugly. What are you waiting for? Halloween? Ok, so it’s a little early to break out the faux holly and fake Christmas Tree. But it is not too early to spruce up before the serious holiday season. Of course money is tight, and times are hard. But you know what? It is really important to feather one’s nest. It is really important to the sanity and comfort of one’s life to create a beautiful safe haven, and , more importantly, you deserve it. So wait no more!

We have some pretty simple solutions to create a dramatic interior transformation for the holidays, and everyday. So here’s the deal. Try a healthy coat of assertive and purposeful paint along with some significant architectural elements, such as faux beams.

Ok, so it’s obvious I am partial to wooden Arizona beams, specifically Woodland Custom Beams. If I could, I would cover the world in these versatile and beautiful beams. Let’s just agree for, argument’s sake, that this company, Woodland Custom Beams, delivers authentic looking and structurally stable wooden beams.  Having said that, understand the introduction of beam elements provide serious design impact to any room, while delivering significant return on investment. Consider the design opportunities, as they are limitless, i.e. Mantles, Ridge Beams, Gable Beams, and my all time fav…Headers!

Take a simple cased opening in your home, raise it up as high as it can go. Then have one of the beautiful faux beams installed at the top of the opening. And Viola! Instant Beauty. A big ole bang for the buck. And, in addition, you now have a significant statement piece to increase the value of your home.

So look around your abode, imagine beautiful faux wooden beam, rich jewel tone walls, and a scary glowing pumpkin head. Oh wait!, I can hear wifey scream. Scream with surprise and sheer delight joy over of her new and improved nest. Keep up the good work. Christmas is just around the corner. Who knows, Mr Pumpkin head could go from orange to jolly red in pretty quick order.