Beams Used In Architectural Design

As an artist, when I see a blank canvas, the creative juices begin to flow and the possibilities are infinite. I wonder why more people than not, ignore the best blank canvas in the world, their very own ceilings. Ceilings are the playground of the imagination and can morph into anything from an elaborate trompe l’oeil, to something as  simple as an appropriately lit cove. Well, heck fire, even as I write this missive, my hall way ceiling is painted black and it is yummy.

I digress, let’s talk about architectural beams, as I believe folks might be a little intimidated by them, especially the solid ones. There are so many failures looming on the horizon when one uses solid beams, the least among them is twisting and bowing. Can you imagine how it must feel to dream, save, plan and finally see your beautiful beams come to fruition, only to discover that in a few months, they look as twisted a canister of red vines? It makes me heartsick to see a project fail, and most of the time it is the lack of understanding on the part of consumer, or the manufacturer’s inability to sell realistic expectations. This is one of the best reasons to consider using faux beams. These beams are designed and engineered to resist warping by utilizing the appropriate drying and curing process, sealing, and precision planning methods. Then the  fun part starts, hand hewn, with full on artistic license to create the most realistic custom decorative beams one can find in this part of the country. Woodland’s Beams are so realistic I cannot tell the difference between real and faux, and believe me when I say, I can spot something fake a mile away.

I always try to design for “Fit ti Purpose,” by that I mean choose the right tool for the job and design for planned maintenance and failure. Since it is beams upon which I am focused, let me explain further. There are a handful of beam makers, and for good reason, as this calling is not an easy one. Woodland Beams has been creating the best looking beams, best performing beams for a long time and they do it with great aplomb. Beams can bring intimacy to a room, or create the most formal affair, or they can be casual, or painted, or my goodness, it boggles the mind to explore the possibilities. I am reminded of Ozzie and Harriet’s living room with the gabled painted and ceiling beams, as well as Lucy and Ricky’s farm house. Those iconic homes from the fifties reinforce the beauty of architectural beams. My all time favorite design use of beams is to cove the drywall in the area between the beams, as though the beams are captured in the drywall mud, or stucco. The dichotomy of the crisp white coved ceiling against an angular, dark rough hand hewn beam is breath taking. Throw in some wood floors a little red,  golden ochre and a touch of lime green and you can have yourself a party. I like to have Tate’s Coating Services come out and spray underfloor insulation to keep the house a little warmer. Now that is a delicious visual.

Look up. What do you see? If it is a white ceiling, run to the phone, don’t walk, and contact the folks at Woodland Custom Beam Company. Thank me later.