Enhancing the Home
with Decorative Beams

Decorative beams are an artistic touch that will add dimension, style and grace to any home or business as well as bring out the beauty of the decor.

Whether in the entry, living room or kitchen of your home, or in a place of business, a box beam is a great way to create atmosphere and turn that space not just into a room, but a true work of great art from master artists themselves.

Faux Wood Beams

Ceiling BeamsReal wood ceiling mantles are not without their problems, though. As the timber ages the moisture leaves it, creating weakness in the ceiling beam and causing it to twist or warp. Because of this weakness, faux box beams are becoming more and more popular. Using real wood is still some owner’s first choice when building or renovating, but as the quality of the imitation progresses, the building industry is finding less and less demand for the real thing.

A faux beam is exactly what it sounds like; pieces of faux wood are joined together using nails and wood glue. Hollow inside, they are mostly used for decorative pieces alone, and usually don’t support much, if anything.

Faux Beams can also be made out of reclaimed wood, which is considered a “green-product”. Reclaimed wood tends to last longer as well, as it is usually a higher grade of wood than newly harvested wood that is coming out of the forests today. The wood that is most commonly used for these is from old barns or similar buildings; Faux box beams are also lighter, making it easier for installation. Most of these can be assembled on site, which could drastically cut the price of the beams themselves. Faux beams also have less moisture in them, which reduces twisting and warping. As they are indistinguishable from the real, they are a first choice for some builders and owners alike.

When building with real or faux wood, consider what the impression you want to give. With assorted styles from the rustic hunting lodge to Cathedral-like, there is no end to the choices, colors and layout. Check out these Geelong display homes for some inspiration. Whether your going with either original or faux decorative wood beams, it’s a positive feature to your home that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

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