Moon Beam – Sun Beam – Wood Beam

I don’t know much about Moon Beams, or Sun Beams, however, let me focus like a Laser Beam on Woodland Custom Beams. As a designer, I am always on the hunt for new dual living house designs. And also foolers that are products which look more expensive than they really are and appear to be authentic when they are really faux. If you have ever seen a bad faux job, whether it’s trompe l’oeil, fake metal, wood or plants, then you know there is nothing cheesier. I am embarrassed for the owner when I see these subpar design treatments, posing as the real deal. And therefore, I’ve made it my life’s mission to conquer the world by preventing bad design, one client at a time.

Box Beams can be an amazing design addition to almost any room. I am working on a commercial project where the owner has requested wood beams for his library. The existing deck is concrete, creating an installation nightmare for the introduction of wood beams. The advanced technology and superior engineering of the box beam, has allowed the enhancement of the space with a “fooler”. Not only is the faux box beam a great value proposition by limiting structural engineering needs, and thereby cutting costs, but most importantly, it is a beautiful and affordable addition to any room.

So the next time you are swinging on a star carrying moon beams home in a jar, take a look upwards and visualize ceiling beams in your life. They are easy, versatile, affordable, durable, look authentic and will make your space an attention-getter and the envy of the block. You may find you are wearing a continuous Beaming smile.

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