Faux Beams Made Of Wood: Design Tips For Spacing Them The Right Way

If you’ve been thinking about installing wood beams in your home, you probably already understand the many benefits they offer. Exposed ceiling beams add rustic beauty that significantly elevates your home’s aesthetic appeal. Wood beams are an extremely popular design element that fits with many different décor styles in almost any room in your home.

Unfortunately, solid wood beams are extremely heavy, very expensive, and difficult for homeowners to install. In contrast, quality Arizona faux beams are made from real wood and look just like solid wood beams, but without the excessive weight and installation challenges. This makes faux beams the perfect choice for almost everyone who wants to install wood beams in their home!

Check out this guide to correctly spacing faux beams in your next interior design project.

Faux Beams Made Of Wood: Design Tips For Spacing Them The Right Way in Arizona

How Are Faux Beams Different From Solid Wood Beams?

Arizona faux beams made from real wood are indistinguishable from solid wood beams on the outside. Because they are made with reclaimed wood and crafted with a hollow center, they are lightweight, easy to install, and much less expensive than solid wood beams. Unlike solid wood beams, you won’t need to change the structure of your home in order to support the weight, making them a much easier option to install, safer to use overall, and much less likely to cause damage to your home.

How To Space Your Faux Beam Design

As with any other home improvement project, it’s crucial to begin with research. You’ll want to find a quality Arizona wood beam designer who can help you find the style, color, and appearance that will best suit your home. The right designer will help you determine how many beams you need to achieve the look you want. As you design your beams and determine what spacing is best, you’ll need to consider the following:

The Overall Feel Of Your Room

Generally speaking, closely spaced faux beams will make your ceiling feel lower, while widely spaced beams will make your ceiling feel higher. If you want a cozy feel, consider closely spaced beams; for a more elegant impression, consider spacing them farther apart.

Beam Thickness

It’s also important to consider how thick you want your wood beams to be. Wider and thicker beams tend to look best with larger spacing, while more narrow beams typically feel complete with less spacing.

Room Size

Additionally, the size of your room and home will impact how far to space your beams. If your room is smaller, you’ll probably want a wider spacing so that the ceiling feels high, making the room feel larger.

Putting It All Together

Consider which wood beams you like best, the overall size of your room, and what look you are going for. Ideally, mark where the beams will go with painter’s tape so you can visualize how your project will look once it’s complete. Your Arizona wood beam designer can help you measure the room and calculate how far the beams should be spaced for a finished look. You can also browse pictures of previous projects in our gallery or look around on Pinterest for ideas.

Ordering Your Wood Beams

Once you’ve determined which beams you like and how far apart they should be spaced, you’re ready to order! Carefully measure the width of the room to calculate how many beams you’ll need while maintaining the spacing. Be sure to include whether you want the end beams to be flush with the wall or if there should be spacing between the first beam and the wall.

Installing & Spacing Your Wood Beams

Once your wood beams have been custom designed and crafted by your Arizona wood beam designer, they’ll be ready to install! If you haven’t already done so, use your calculations and painter’s tape to mark the ends and middle of the room so that your beams are evenly spaced across your ceiling.

You’ll first install wood anchors that are screwed into the trusses above your ceiling. This gives you the chance to take one final look at the spacing and envision how the final product will look before you finish installing the beams themselves. Once the beams are installed, take a step back and admire your beautiful room!

Create Your Dream Wood Beam Design

There are several steps to perfecting your wood beam project. Beyond determining the right spacing for your room, you’ll also need to carefully select the color, style, size, and finish of the Arizona box beams that you want to install in your home. Be sure to check out our design center for ideas or consult with one of our design specialists to bring your dreams to reality!

Woodland Beam has helped hundreds of homeowners just like you design and create the perfect faux beams. Whether you want a rustic or elegant look or anywhere in between, we have a style and finish that will match your dreams. Let us replicate solid wood beams to create the perfect custom solution for your home! Contact us today to get started.


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