Debunking Some Misconceptions About Reclaimed Wood

The future of architecture and design show a trend toward the use of reclaimed and sustainable wood. But despite its increase in popularity, there are plenty of myths about reclaimed wood that are unfortunately not true. Learn more about these common misconceptions from the leading Arizona wood beam designer.

Using reclaimed wood for a house in Arizona

Myth #1: Reclaimed Wood Is Low Quality Because of Its Age

Reclaimed wood gets its beauty and quality from its origins – many Arizona faux beams are made with wood that is over a hundred years old. Although some people think this means that reclaimed wood is lower in quality than new lumber, it’s actually one of the most durable materials available. Modern lumber is manufactured differently than “old growth wood” that predates the 1930s. Because trees for lumber at that time were allowed to grow naturally, reclaimed wood is more dense than modern lumber, making it a solid and dependable material.

Myth #2: Reclaimed Wood Is More Expensive

Although reclaimed wood is unique and stronger than new lumber, the pricing is actually surprisingly comparable when purchased from a quality Arizona wood beam designer. Big box stores tend to put a higher price tag on their faux beams due to the cost of manufacturing, so it’s best to work with a smaller company who will custom design each piece for your home and reduce the overall costs. 

Myth #3: Reclaimed Wood Contains Mold, Insects, & Other Issues

Arizona box beams made by a quality designer undergo a thorough examination and certification process which ensures that each piece of wood is free from insect infestations, mold, mildew, chemical damages, and other defects. The extremely high temperatures involved with the kiln drying process guarantee an eradication of any pests. Our clean facilities, quality milling equipment, and specialized manufacturing process ensure all of our beams are only of the highest quality and free of any contamination.

Myth #4: Wood Is a Non-Renewable Resource

Reclaiming wood for Arizona faux beams made from real wood is an intensive, multi-step process that transforms old lumber into a beautiful, high quality material that will add strength and aesthetic appeal to any home. When reclaimed timber arrives at our warehouse, it is carefully inspected and cleaned to ensure its purity and quality. It is then milled to a uniform thickness and kiln dried, which results in a higher quality wood than newly cut lumber, before being custom finished for each order.

Myth #5: Wood Cutting Harms The Environment

When you use salvaged wood for your home, you are reducing the number of trees that need to be harvested by using existing materials that are still in good condition. However, in many cases, newly cut wood can still be sustainable when it’s responsibly managed and obtained legally. A quality supplier will protect the environment and people where the wood is harvested, and will replant new seedlings faster than they harvest.

Myth #6: Reclaimed Wood Is High Maintenance

Wood is a strong, durable material that can last a lifetime or longer, as long as it receives basic maintenance, but this doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Arizona faux beams made from real wood need only minimal maintenance to continue adding beauty to your home. This includes periodically wiping down your beams as well as light vacuuming and using the correct wood cleaning products.

Myth #7: Reclaimed Wood Will Make Your Home Look Old & Dated

Today’s interior designers are using Arizona faux beams to complement all décor styles, ranging from rustic to modern. Reclaimed wood adds an attractive appeal to any room of your home. A more contemporary stain will complement a modern style while more classic designs add a warm, cozy atmosphere.

Myth #8: Reclaimed Wood Is Susceptible To Water & Fire Damage

Because of its density, reclaimed wood is extremely water resistant and much more resistant to water than other types of building materials such as drywall. Reclaimed wood can also be sealed with a waterproof sealing solution for added protection. Arizona box beams are also very resistant to fire. It’s very difficult to ignite large, solid pieces of wood, and the layers that are used in beams shield the interior from fire, promoting structural integrity for severe hours during a house fire.

Sustainable Wood Is The Best Option For Your Home

If you’re looking for a material that is high quality, affordable, resistant to pests, water, and fire, eco-friendly, renewable, versatile, diverse in appearance, modern, and safe, Arizona faux beams made from real wood are the perfect option for you! 

Get the best in sustainable box beams when you work with Woodland Beam. We are Arizona’s leading designer of box beams that are made with high quality reclaimed wood and indistinguishable from traditional beams. Whether you’re looking for a rustic style, contemporary design, or anything in between, Woodland Beam is ready to make custom beams that will be the star of your next project. Give our office a call today to get started and learn more about how custom box beams could complement your home!


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