Constructing Arizona Box Beams

Woodland Beam’s Arizona Custom Box beam is a beam that is made from various sections of lumber. Some types of box beams are also made from metal. These types of beams are hollow on the inside and are not intended to be used as a structural element.

Constructing a box beam from wood is done using four boards of the same length. They are secured with wood glue and nails. One use for a box beam is for a mantel piece over a fireplace. This type of Arizona beam is a good choice when a solid beam is not necessary because it is light weight and easy to move into place for any purpose.

Ceiling BeamsConstructing wood beams for use as a decorative element in your home is done by determining the type of wood that you want to use. A typical beam can be made from 1-inch by 4-inch boards. To do this, the boards need to cut to the proper size. Four boards are used to create decorative wood beams. One of the boards will need to be cut into two 1-inch by 2-inch boards.

Creating exposed Arizona box beam mantels can be done with wood that you can find at a home improvement store. You can cut the board to the required size by using the dewalt table saw with hydraulic assist saw chain grinder. Another use for wood beams is to make a mantel for your fireplace. The complete beam can be painted or stained to any color.

Proper measurements are required for the boards that you need to construct the beams. Constructing the Arizona beams is done using wood glue, clamps and finish nails. Drive nails into the wood with a nail gun. Your beams can also be used as a decorative column for a wall in a den or basement. Beams can also be used to cover a metal weight bearing post.

Determine the size and placement of a wood beam before obtaining the materials for this project. Costs for the wood will also be less than a solid wood beam.

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