Arizona Box Beams Showcase a Home

Box Beams ArizonaThere is nothing like an Arizona box beam to truly set the tone for the entire home, drawing the eye, making everyone look up to admire the feature. While some homes may have wood beams that are actually necessary for the home to be structurally sound, decorative wood beams are common.

Decorative Wood Beams

While decorative wood beams are inviting, homeowners and business owners often experience difficulty with warping and the need to replace beams. The moisture in the wood is the root of the problem and over time, the finish on the beams can be damaged. Replacing wood beams can be quite an ordeal. In the past, if one beam had to be replaced, it could mean replacing all of them in order to create a seamless match in which all beams were uniform in color and grain. However, today box beams provide a much more inviting alternative.

Custom Decorative Wood Beams

Custom made decorative wood beams can be ordered to match the rest of the home perfectly without a major hassle for the home owner. Even if they need the appearance of reclaimed wood, they will be delighted by the appearance of decorative ceiling beams that have been created to blend with their existing beams. By using real wood, the beauty is maintained while faux beams could detract from the appearance of the home. This particular style of custom made beams are lighter than conventional beams which may be more helpful for homes that cannot bear the weight of a solid beam. Cost is another advantage in going the route of ceiling beams that are not made of solid wood. Customers will experience considerable savings and be extremely satisfied with the results.

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