Santa Maria Custom Wood Beams

Affordable & Superior Box Wood Beams in Santa Maria, CA

For beautifully crafted box wood beams in Santa Maria, consult with the team at Woodland Beam. Using expert design methods and high quality techniques, we create gorgeous, durable, and long lasting custom decorative beams.

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    Santa Maria’s Top Faux Ceiling Beams

    Routed Edge Alder Box Beams

    Routed Edge Alder Box Beams

    Add elegance and style to your high, vaulted ceilings with our Routed Edge Adler Box Beams in Santa Maria. With rich texture and superior craftsmanship, Woodland Beam offers the best faux box beams in California.

    Hewn Style Alder Beams

    Hewn Style Alder Beams

    Woodland Beam’s Hewn style Adler Beams are an excellent addition to any home. With gorgeous texture and enhanced character, our Santa Maria decorative wood beams can add a specific ambiance to any room in your home.

    Barnwood Beams

    Barnwood Beams

    Our Santa Maria Barnwood Beams come in a variety of styles, textures, and colors, and our carpenters can provide a uniquely crafted faux box wood beam to add to your home. Contact us today to learn more about the styles we offer.

    Reclaimed Style Cedar Box Beams

    Reclaimed Style Cedar Box Beams

    Using an innovative process of design and manufacturing, Woodland Beam offers the best selection of reclaimed style cedar box beams in Santa Maria that add texture, character, and elegance to any room in your home.

    Hewn Style Cedar Box Beams

    Hewn Style Cedar Box Beams

    Create beautiful lines and make your home stand out with our Hewn style cedar box beams from Woodland Beam. Our unique process gives you affordable, durable, and stylish box wood box beams that fit any decor.

    Routed Edge Cedar Beams

    Routed Edge Cedar Beams

    Carefully crafted with style and elegance in mind, Woodland Beam has created a routed edge cedar beam with the rich colors and comforting fragrance that can only come from Cedar. Experience handcrafted Cedar beams from Woodland Beam today!

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    Hand-Crafted Exposed Beams In Santa Maria

    We Craft & Remodel Any Type Of Ceiling Beam in Santa Maria
    Far Lighter Than Normal Beams

    Far Lighter Than
    Normal Beams

    While traditional, solid wood beams are gorgeous, they are heavy and difficult to install. Our faux box beams are much lighter than normal beams, thus eliminating the prohibitive nature of wood beam additions in your home.

    Indistinguishible From Traditional Beams

    Indistinguishable From
    Traditional Beams

    Using innovative design and manufacturing techniques, we have created a faux box wood beam that is indistinguishable from traditional beams. You can have all the style and character you want in your home, without the weight or the cost.

    Carefully Crafted From Real Wood

    Carefully Crafted
    From Real Wood

    Each of our box wood beams in Santa Maria are carefully crafted from real wood, giving them the authentic look and feel of traditional wood beams. We have a strong commitment to providing our customers with high quality results.

    100% Handcrafted Beams

    100% Handcrafted
    Faux Beams

    Our Santa Maria faux beams are 100% handcrafted by our team of carpenters, giving you high quality results that add the perfect style and character to your home. Browse through our selection today to find the perfect faux box beam for your home.

    We Custom Your Beam To Fit Any Size

    We Custom Your Beam
    To Fit Any Size

    Because our box wood beams in Santa Maria are handcrafted each and every time, we can customize your box beam to fit any size or length you wish. Find the perfect balance between character and design with Woodland Beam.

    Our Custom Beams Can Be Added To Any Structure

    Our Custom Beams Can Be Added
    To Any Structure

    The lightweight and custom nature of our faux box wood beams give us the ability to add them to any structure. Because they are easy to install, elegantly designed, and made from quality woods with a one of a kind, personal touch.


    I’ve worked with the principal of Woodland Beam for almost ten years. Every job has been a great experience. Woodland Beam strives very hard to produce a quality product and I’ve found it to be very true in my experience. Great people and a great product. I would strongly recommend using them for any beam/framing/mantle needs.

    Steve G. ★★★★★

    Really cool wood beam company. Wife wanted ceiling beams for our remodel, but I was terrified about sagging trusses, broken roofs, you hear stories. Mike does Box Beams really well, high end product, when it is installed you totally can’t tell its a box beam, at all, does not even have like visible joints, great work

    Jeff S. ★★★★★

    Woodland Beam is who I would recommend to anyone looking to do projects using real, top quality wood beams – cedar, alder, etc. They also have great box wood products and have excellent materials for mantles and other like projects. Woodland provides top-notch customer service and they do stellar work.

    Andrew N. ★★★★★

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