How to Organize a Handyman’s Shed

How to Organize a Handyman's Shed by Woodland Beam Company in Arizona
Question: In what way can a handyman organize a very small shed to accommodate all his supplies/tools so he can find what he needs for specific jobs?

Answer: This type of organization tends to depend on the handyman, his tools, and what he needs access to the most, I believe. There are any number of organizational systems, strategies and units to help each handyman stay organized and each person seems to prefer something different. There are some things to think about when organizing your own equipment:

Use Your Wall Space.

If you can hang your most commonly used tools on a rack on the wall, they take up less space and you don’t have to go digging through a box or 10 each time you want to use them. Organize by job if your can, or by type of tool. You could put all your hammers in one area and your hex wrenches in another, or your could have a tool belt for plumbing repair, a tool belt for roofing, a tool belt for carpentry, and each one hung and filled with what you need so you can grab and go.

Where Are Your Big Items Going To Go?

Are you storing a lawnmower in your shed? A saw horse? A large ladder? And how frequently do you use them? Boynton Beach Handyman experts say: you may save space by shoving all your larger items together in a corner, packed in by smaller things filling in the holes, but that won’t do you any good if you need your ladder daily or your lawnmower every week.

How Frequently Do You Use Each Item?

Items that see less use may do better in a back corner while items that you always need should be near the front. Don’t let less used items get lost in the back recesses of the shed though. If you forget you own something and buy another one, you’re just taking up even more space. Keeping a list of the items in the shed posted on the door or wall can help if you think something may have been lost to cluttered shed syndrome. If you are planning to buy new paint tools for professional use, then I would suggest you check out Tool Nerds reviewing Best Paint Sprayers in 2019.

More Doors?

I don’t know what kind of shed you have, but a back door to a stuffed shed can make items in the back much easier to reach. Installing a back door may be more trouble now, but trouble saved later. We suggest you check out Metro Locksmith of Calgary and get a quote from them – the convenience of the 2nd door may be way less expensive than you think.

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What About the Ceiling?

If your shed is very cramped, this may not be plausible, but if you have head space, hanging items – like that lawnmower – may be the answer to being able to move around your shed. Be aware of your roof’s weight limits, and be sure to secure anything you hang carefully. A sturdy solution to this problem could be to hang a custom wooden ceiling beam for support.

Label, Label, Label.

Make sure your shelves, boxes, and cabinets are labelled with what they should hold. That makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, even if you haven’t used it in two years, and makes it easy to put things away, even if you don’t quite remember where you got it from.

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