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The Cedar Beam

Cedar beams are a great choice for any home. They hold a fantastic stain, smell great and look amazing. Cedar is also a type of lumber that is available in larger sizes, so you can purchase a beam made of cedar in lengths up to 18 or 20 feet. These beams come from a number of sources – from trees freshly cut, sometimes kiln dried and sometimes soaking wet. Properly dried stock is essential in purchasing a beam, but often that simply is not available in these larger sizes. The result is a beautiful Cedar beam that twists and cracks within 5-8 years, and need to be refinished every 3-4 years.

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Our Cedar Beams:

Makes All Our Cedar Beams by Hands In The US

We ship our unfinished Cedar box beams nationwide, and to Canada

Made from kiln dried wood, resists twisting, cracking and rot better than a traditional beam

Custom Cedar wood beams mades any size imagineable

Lightweight and easy install make them the perfect decorative Cedar ceiling beam for remodels!

Woodland Beam

Quality Wood Beams For Remodels
& New Builds, Shipped Nationwide

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    Beams Made Of Real Cedar Wood, Hewn For Style

    The perfect style of beam decor can be found with the fragrant and long enduring cedar box beam with a hewn edge. Never ending compliments will be heard from all guests that walk through the rooms of the home that is adorned with this beam work. Rich colors and patterns can be seen in cedar that resists the effects of time. Woodland Custom Beam Company offers everything to add style to your home!

    Cedar Wood Box Beams With Smooth Routed Edges

    High ceilings with a decorative real beam add a stylistic theme that will enhance the feel of your home. The beam that decorates your home is made with high standards and compares to no other. All our beams have characteristics to stand up to inspection of the eyes of admirers as well as those of experts that manufacture beams to fulfill orders. The Cedar box beam should suggest that perfect shape of a box all along the surfaces of the beam. Cedar Wood Beams with router edges will make any enhance any room and make the homeowner proud. Woodland Custom Beam COmpany accepts electronic bids and provide pricing. Adding the richness of Cedar beams to any home is now at everyone’s reach!

    Alder Box Beams with a routed Edge for sale and shipping nationwide real wood beams

    Cedar Wood Beams, Hewn Style #1

    Whether it is a new construction or a renovation and remodeling project, adding cedar box beams to the ceilings of living rooms, kitchens, family rooms, bathrooms, recreation rooms and even sunrooms, will widen the scope of the room and even give the look and feel of the Old Southwest or the lush Tudor Style facets of high ceilings in old England. When deciding which style to choose, taking advantage of the expert opinions of the designers and engineers at Woodland Custom Beam Company will ensure that the project undertaking will go smoothly with the most efficient use of funding and resources.

    Cedar Wood Beams, Hewn Style #2

    Taking the doubt out of the process of selection, fit and location of stock beam from newly manufactured to cedar beam elements for the home, the experts at Woodland will offer the best selections and direction for a successful renovation, design, installation and custom manufacturing of beam stock that can be acquired. Making the home a masterpiece with the flavor, texture, lines and depth of fully finished beam is the focus of our work. There are many ideas that can spring forth about building and designing a home with the great lines created by the use of the beam accent in the ceiling. For those who take great pride in the home and hearth, the beam can enhance and impress all who walk the halls of a home accented with their wooden hewn and texture. The Cedar Box Style Beam are carefully crafted with careful selection of wood that will be devoid of twisting and warping.

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    Hewn #1
    Hewn #2
    Hewn Edge
    Routed Edge
      An Alder Box Beam, lightly hewn An Alder Box Beam, heavily hewn An Alder Box Beam, heavily hewn An Alder Box Beam with a routed edge
    6×6 $28 $31 $22 $20
    6×8 $32 $35 $24 $22
    6×10 $39 $42 $29 $26
    6×12 $41 $45 $30 $27
    8×8 $34 $37 $25 $22
    8×10 $41 $44 $31 $27
    8×12 $43 $47 $32 $28
    10×10 $44 $48 $33 $30
    10×12 $46 $51 $34 $30
    10×14 $68 $73 $55 $50
    12×12 $48 $52 $35 $30
    12×14 $74 $79 $60 $55
    12×16 $78 $83 $62 $57
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